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10 Things I Hate About New York

10 Things I Hate About New York

Keep reading for 10 things I hate about New York!

1. I hate how little New Yorkers care.

HONY’s Brandon cares.


2. I hate that in a city that never sleeps, special moments are rare.

You have to stop and make your own special moments in New York.


3. I hate how expensive New York has become.

It seems like people forget that New York’s the capital of deals.  There is always fun to be had in the city, and it’s up to you to chase them down.

4. I hate that New York has abandoned its artists in order to accommodate the wealthy.

Artists have made New York what it is. They have literally left their mark on the city. You can find their work around every corner.

5. I hate that the city has forgotten its poor.

New Yorkers have a sense of solidarity. The people of New York fight for the young the old, the poor and those unable to fight for themselves.


6. I hate how fast paced New York is and always will be.

New York is filled with dreams. Everyone is searching for the next big thing, and every second counts in the city that can either make or break you.

7. I hate that New Yorkers aren’t even New Yorkers.

New Yorkers are people who understand what the city has to offer, and will protect it at all cost.

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8. I hate that even trains have traffic, and let’s not even discuss the roads.

Believe it or not, New Yorkers use other methods of transportation.

9. I hate that New York isn’t New York anymore.

No, it’s better. The best thing about living in New York is that the city changes with you. You can go fast, or slow. You can even stop and New York will be there when you’re ready to pick up and start again.


10. Most of all, I hate that it is impossible to hate New York, not even a little, not at all.

Yes, New York has its flaws, but it is the city of love, the city of the arts, the city of fashion, the city of lights and the city of dreams.

Are there things you hate about New York? Or do you really not hate New York at all? Comment below and share this article with your friends!
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