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10 Things That Happen When You Move In Together

In august, my boyfriend and I moved into a one bedroom apartment together, and from these past few months I’ve learned a thing or two about what it’s really like living with a significant other. So for those considering taking the next step in your relationship, here are 10 things that happen when you move in together.

1. You learn their “smelly” habits really quickly.

But it’s really not a big deal. Everyone has some habits that aren’t exactly…attractive…but that’s just it – EVERYONE has them! Once you move in together, you quickly become very comfortable with one another and those weird habits encompass both of you – no matter how stinky they may be!

2. You have the ultimate best friend to goof around with every time you are home.

You may not be as “romantic,” as you were before you shacked up – but once you move in together, you become closer on a different level. From tickle fights, to movie nights in your mismatching jammies, to late nights munching on yummy snacks – they become more than just your significant other…they become your roommate (who also happens to be your best friend). Roommate + best friend + life partner = WONDERFUL.

3. Rent is way cheaper.

When you move in together, you get to split the rent for a one bedroom apartment (as opposed to the two bedroom you would be renting with another roommate). Also, instead of dealing with drama that always comes equipped with a roommate (how dare you forget to replace the toilet paper or wash your coffee mug!), you get to wash the dishes together and have him toss you a new roll when you need it! I say that is a win-win!

4. You basically can split the cost of everything.

From groceries, electricity bills, and entertainment – you have the ultimate situation. There is no more fighting over whose tea is whose because they are all both of yours!


5. You discover what they really love.

Whether it is a certain mug they only use, or a back scratch before bed, you will find yourself trying to adapt to whatever it is that makes them happy…and they do the same for you.

6. You discover how strong your connection REALLY is.

This is the time when you determine whether or not you are actually compatible in the long run. I know several couples who moved in together the same time we did, and sadly, a few of them broke up because they quickly realized they weren’t the right fit. So, if you are considering moving in with someone, remember that it is a BIG decision – you should be 100% sure before committing.

7. Cooking is so much more fun!

Let me tell you, it is so much easier to cook for two. It’s also a lot easier to eat healthy since you’ll be splitting the items (no more half filled bags of lettuce wilting in the fridge). Cooking together actually becomes something you look forward to. Splitting the jobs makes the whole process quicker and incredibly fun – get ready for a bunch of laughs along the way!

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8. You take part in each other’s interests.

If he loves video games and you love drawing you quickly share the love for these activities with each other. You learn how to play games like Elder Scrolls and Gears of War, and they draw pictures and color with you! It’s like picking up a bunch of new and fun hobbies with someone you love spending time with already. Personally, I have shared my love for tea with him, and he has shared his love for drumming with me. Among others, of course.


9. You find yourself checking your phone A LOT less.

Texting, calling, and other communications forms are so much simpler when you live together. You exchange the occasional “can you pick ______ up from the store” or “I will be home at ______ because of _______” texts but that’s about it. No more worrying about waiting for them to text you when they get home from work, or calling to wish you a good morning – you get those messages in real life!

10. You learn everything about them and begin to build a life together.

All of those embarrassing childhood memories and situations come out. Secrets that you never have shared with anyone and every weird habit you have is all out in the open and it is totally and completely freeing! You decorate your place together and add pieces to your home that are a mix of both of you. You have specific sides of the bed and a preferred coffee mug each morning – but it never gets old. Living together is a real adventure that makes or breaks you; but if you make it – it is so worth it!

This is Ketzler, our half-moon Betta fish who helps make our apartment a home!
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Alyssa Bailey

A Junior at Arizona State University Tempe Campus Pursuing a degree in Geological Sciences. She loves to hike, paint, and explore new places.

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