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10 Things That Happen In The Last Month of the Semester (According to the Kardashians)

10 Things That Happen In The Last Month of the Semester (According to the Kardashians)


A lot can be said of the last month of the semester while in school. But what exactly happens? We’re here to tell you. (With a little help from the Kardashians.)

1. You’re constantly exhausted.

By now, hitting snooze at least twice each morning has become a routine. You roll out of bed with just enough time to throw your hair in an “effortless” bun, brush your teeth and run out the door. Makeup is not even in your vocabulary. And forget afternoon runs…afternoon naps are your “go to” these days.

2. Your procrastination has become concerning.

You mean well, really. You write it in your planner to begin studying a week in advance for that exam. But somehow you find yourself within 24 hours of the test and still haven’t cracked the book.


3. This has been the longest month of your life.

You have a countdown app on your phone to tell you exactly how many days, hours, minutes, (even seconds) are left until you’re officially done with spring semester. And naturally, you assume checking it multiple times each hour is somehow going to speed up the remaining days.

4. You really just don’t care anymore.

For the first time, zoning out in class sounds innocent. You spend the entire lecture time shopping online for new bikinis and “Pinteresting” a summer bucket list board.

5. Your mind and body are in full swing summer mode.

You find yourself daydreaming of napping on the beach and have recently invested in the most current and trendiest of self-tanners (a glow out of a bottle). Of course you have no clue what the professor has been saying the entire class hour… you’ve been sipping umbrella drinks on a beach in Mexico!


6. To say you miss your hometown food is an understatement.

You have a list on your phone of all the food places you’ve missed from back home and the order in which you will indulge yourself in the gobs of ‘non-cafeteria’ food once you return.

7. You’re broke as can be.

You’ve planned just how much you can spend before your bank account hits zero while trying to leave aside some extra cash so you can still make it out on your last nights at school. Budgeting is so difficult!

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8. Class has never felt more like a chore.

You’ve added up all your absences so far and calculated how many more classes you can miss without your grade dropping immensely. So if you oversleep because you took too much NyQuil…that counts as an excused medical absence right?

9. It is time to cram cram cram cram…

With finals ahead, you’re too burnt out to begin studying in advance. You plan to cram the night before and get the exams over with. After all, isn’t that what double espresso shots are for?

10. You constantly reflect on the school year.

Although you often felt overwhelmed, you’ve also made meaningful, endearing, and some inexplicable memories this past year. Now this is the college ‘info’ you’ll remember forever (not necessarily the details of the French Revolution).

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