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10 Things All Fashion Savvy Girls Should Own

10 Things All Fashion Savvy Girls Should Own

1. An iron (and/or a hair straightener).

This kind of goes without saying, but if you consider yourself a fashion savvy girl, even partially, you know how an outfit can define whether or not you look stylish – and crumpled shirts just won’t cut it. While you can hang them up in the bathroom during your shower,  loosening up those creases a little; a crisp collar and cuff from an iron adds a little extra chicness. A regular clothing iron is ideal, but you can also get away with using a hair straightener to flatten out stubborn creases. I got my GHD for Christmas a few years ago, and it’s honestly seen my clothes more than it has my hair.

Use a straightener to iron your clothes!

2. A hair dryer.

Let’s be honest, very few women in the world can rock the “I was too late to dry my hair” look without a full team of hair stylists and makeup artists to help them out. I’m looking at you, Taylor Swift (we all know she rocks it). Giving yourself the time to slam some hot air through that luscious hair of yours can really help you out in the fashion savvy beauty department. Even if you’re running late, a quick two-minute run through, and then a sleeked-back, albeit damp, bun, and you’re good to go; whether it’s to a runway, a ball, or just an 8 am college class. It’ll make you feel good, and you’ll rock everything else even more.

You must have a blow dryer.

3. An extensive array of makeup brushes (to go with your extensive collection of makeup).

Girls, your face is your weapon. Whether you’re a modelesque minimalist, or you’re rocking some vintage features; knowing how to do your makeup right will make your outfit pop. Many times the difference between a good makeup job and a bad one comes down to the brushes. I currently have 21 at my disposal; mostly E.L.F (which I swear by), but I’m saving up to get some fancy Artis brushes this summer. So fashion savvy ladies, whether you want to do full foundation and rock it all day long, or, like me, you just like to add some concealer, mascara, and a dash of eyeshadow; quality brushes are a must-have.

4. A thousand safety pins, and a travel sewing kit.

I have, on occasion, thrown a needle and some thread into a little baggie, and then into my purse for the day. Nothing is worse than walking around, and a strap breaks, or you tear a seam in your beloved high-waisted jeans. But if you know fashion, you know clothes, and you know that throwing a little tack on the inside of that garment can save it until later, when you can either fix it yourself, or bring it to be fixed. On that note, I’d definitely recommend learning basic sewing skills. They can be a lifesaver.

5. A full-length mirror.

This can be super difficult to fit into a small apartment, trust me, I know, but it’s possible to find some cheap over-the door hanging mirrors. If your room barely has enough room for a wardrobe, a desk and a bed (I know the feeling, girl), then life can get difficult in terms of seeing what you look like in full. But how can you expect to prove your fashion savvy-ness if you can’t see what you look like?  GET A MIRROR.

Every fashion savvy girl needs a full-length mirror!

6. A closet of clothes that you know how to put together.

Whether it’s 30 pieces, or 300, don’t buy random clothes. Think about what you have and what you can put it with. Will that red jacket go with that dress? No, but it’ll go with this one, and this one, and this shirt, and these jeans… and so on. Go through your wardrobe. If you can’t mix and match an item with 3 other items (unless it’s of sentimental value) donate it to charity or sell it. Just don’t let your clothes go to waste in a purge, make sure someone else can use it. Oh, and if you know that it doesn’t look well on you, even if it’s only a little unflattering, don’t keep it. Unless, of course, it’s your workout or “I’m watching Netflix all day” outfit. Those ones are too important to lose.

What a fashion savvy closet!

7. Your signature scent.

It takes some time to find that perfume that screams “I have arrived,” but when you do, you’ll be praying it’s never discontinued. For me, it’s Gucci Guilty, which I’m absolutely in love with. You don’t just want to turn heads with your clothes, any fashion savvy girl know it’s the whole package that steals people’s attention.

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You need a signature scent!

8. Nail polish…lots of it.

There’s something about watching your perfectly manicured fingers patter across a keyboard that is just so satisfying. Not to mention, that adding a splash of color to your nails can completely liven up an outfit. Red lips and matching nails with a sleek black dress? Can I hear a hell yeah?

Every girl needs tons of nail polish!

9. Louboutins.

Now, I know that this isn’t an option for all of us at all times. But if you’ve ever had the luxurious experience of slipping into a pair of Louboutins, you know how magical it can feel. I, personally, haven’t had the pleasure of buying myself a proper pair yet, though my sister got some as a group present from her friends, and I was in awe. But, don’t worry you fashion savvy fashionistas – there’s a little trick to fake that Louboutin signature look. Take those black heels that you adore, and paint a red stripe down the inside of your heel…that’s right, instantly transform your heels (and your mood) from glum to glam.

I need louboutins!

10. A trench coat.

Burberry is ideal, but again, this is a luxury item and not always realistic. There are tons of great dupes and brands that offer beautiful trench coats. But the point of this, like the Louboutins, is to make you feel good in what you’re wearing. There’s just something about a sleek trench coat that immediately upgrades your outfit. While you’re at it, throw on the Louboutins too and feel like a queen, because you are, and you deserve to feel like it.

Every fashion savvy girl needs a trench coat.
Featured image source: justthedesign. and truebluemeandyou.
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