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10 Things To Expect From A Tour Of LIU Brooklyn

1. The Brief Message

During the first part of your tour of LIU Brooklyn, you’ll be welcomed by a brief message on what they have to offer here. For all newcomers who are planning to attend in the fall or spring semester, this will be a time when you’re able to experience a chance of different diversity, friendship, and professors who will go above and beyond to teach you what they know and what you will take along with you in your future career.

2. Time For The Tour!

I hope you guys wear sneakers that day if you want to keep up with the rest of the group during your tour of LIU Brooklyn. During the tour you are going to be looking at LIU Brooklyn “Key” sites that will help you throughout your 4 years here.


3. “The Food Court”

These are one of my favorite places to hang out and get some good food while you have that hour break before class. Some of the places include Starbucks (of course, who doesn’t love coffee as much as I do?), a salad bar, Subway, and the school snack store on the third floor by the library which is convenient after a long day of studying!

4. The Gym

If you like to work out during your free time in school, the gym is free for all students. You just have to bring your student ID and a lock to keep your belongings in the locker room below the gym.

5. The Library And Study hall

These are places you want to remember from your tour of LIU Brooklyn. When you need to type a paper, look up references that will help on your class project, or borrow textbooks, they’ll come in handy. The Study Halls are everywhere on campus. If you don’t mind people having conversations among each other and music playing a little too loud, then you will be comfortable on the third floor area where they have comfy couches, tables to layout your work, and a place to charge your electronics. If you like a more quiet ground, you can go to the library, head up the stairs, and go all the way in the back to get away from people. There will be a private area where you have a desk and a place to charge your devices.

6. The Garden/Yard

You’ll definitely notice the garden on your tour of LIU Brooklyn. In the springtime, the garden is where you want to spend the most time. It’s a great place to start a study group with your classmate, take photos, or have a picnic. As long as you clean up your mess, it shouldn’t be a problem!

7. Career Department

This is a place you will want to check out! In the career department, they will help you get into job workshops and show you how to become better through internships, interviews, job offers, and skill preparation for your resume.

See Also

8. Work Study

If you fill out your financial aid and you remember that you chose work study as well, you have the opportunity to work on campus for a semester (if chosen). Work study gives you the opportunity to work with any of the departments on campus such as health science, nursing, radio, yearbook, social work, etc. Don’t put down these opportunities because they might help your future in the long run.

9. Passport To Global Leadership

Here in LIU Brooklyn, we give students the opportunity to travel to any part of the world to study abroad for one semester, which gives you a chance to follow your heart on what you want to do in life. You get to meet new people, see new environments that you never thought you would see, learn a new language, dance, and taste the food that will get your tongue twisted. It will open doors to a lot of new ideas and choices you might make.


10. The End Of The Tour

And you thought you weren’t going to get a lot out of your tour of LIU Brooklyn? When I tell you that anything is possible, I mean it. You can expect a lot going on here, and I hope my experiences show you that this is the right place to start.

Have anymore must-see spots during your campus tour of LIU Brooklyn? Comment below!

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Daniry Gomez

Daniry is a 23 years old full-time student at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, studying Health. She is also a full time mom to a sweet baby girl. She loves trying out new things during the season, drawing, writing her thoughts on life, and also being a planner addict.

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