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10 Things To Expect When Rushing As A Sophomore

10 Things To Expect When Rushing As A Sophomore

Deciding to rush a sorority is an exciting time for any girl, but the process is mostly catered to freshman. If you’re going the less traditional recruitment route and rushing as a sophomore, here are some things to expect…

1. You get called a freshman. A lot.

It’s inevitable. Regardless of how many sophomores are actually in your pledge class, you’re going to be called a freshman. People are just used to referring to the newest pledge class as the “Freshman Pledge Class,” and there’s nothing you can do about it (unless you want to stand up in front of your entire chapter and yell at them for it, in which case we say, you go girl).

2. You’re not nearly as overwhelmed as the actual freshman.

A major perk of rushing as a sophomore is that you’re a lot less stressed because you’re not being thrown into the recruitment process your very first week of college. You’ve had a full year to figure out college before adding on another huge commitment. You’ve seen each chapter around so they’re not a foreign species and you’re more comfortable with committing to one group for the rest of your time in college.



3. You have friends in every sorority.

Since you didn’t rush as a freshman, you’ve become friends with girls in every sorority along with girls that aren’t in any sorority at all. There’s a good chance that some of your freshman-year friends are also rushing as a sophomore, so they may join the same one as you, or they may join another; either way you’re bound to make so many new friends.


4. Your grades don’t slip.

Again, by sophomore year you’re acclimated to college life and you know what it takes to do well in classes. This means that you wont have the rude awakening after pledge season that your grades have gone down the toilet while you were obsessing over new boys, fun mixer themes, and parties.


5. You feel like a grandma.

You’ve already had your crazy freshman phase and you’re okay with staying in on a Thursday night. But when your pledge class group message is blowing up about trying to get pledge drivers, you’ll question what happened to the “cool” you that wanted to go out every single Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

6. Finding a date becomes a lot easier.

You already made plenty of guy friends before you even rushed, so when it’s time for your first date function, you don’t have to scramble to find a date and ask the guy you’ve talked to once in your Bio 101 class.



7. You don’t throw up on buses.

Okay…this one may still happen occasionally, but it’s a lot less likely. You’ve already learned your limit and made some mistakes at other parties when there wasn’t a Standards hanging over your head. There are some mistakes you’d rather just not have to explain to a committee.

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8. You don’t have to pregame in dorm rooms.

By sophomore year there’s a pretty good chance that you or one of your friends live off campus, which means you don’t have to pregame on a futon and hope cops don’t walk down your hall and hand out MIPs. Believe me, getting a $700+ ticket would put a damper on even the most hype dorm room pregame.


9. You’re involved outside of your sorority.

A common question asked during recruitment is, “What are you planning to get involved in?” As a sophomore, you probably already have an impressive resume of clubs, organizations, and jobs you’ve been a part of since before you joined your sorority.

10. You gain 200+ sisters who are so excited to have you.

Regardless of how old you are when you rush, if you get a bid, that means the sorority really wanted you and is super excited to have you. Enjoy the next few years with your sorority because you’ll miss them when you’re gone!

The pros definitely outweigh the cons of rushing as a sophomore so you should not let your age impact your decision!


Have something else to add to the list of what to expect when rushing as a sophomore? Share in the comments!

Featured image source: sororitysugar.