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10 Things To Expect From Your SJU Campus Tour

10 Things To Expect From Your SJU Campus Tour

St. John’s University is a fantastic school; we’re full of friendly people and endless opportunities. It doesn’t hurt that we also have easy access to New York City! If you’re a prospective student, keep reading for what to expect from your SJU campus tour.


1. People to be welcoming.

The people on your campus tour want you to have the best experience, which is why they are always very welcoming and encouraging.



2. Having your questions answered.

Be sure to ask all the questions you have been wondering about SJU on your campus visit. Ambassadors will be sure to answer all of your questions.

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3. Falling in love with the campus.

Once you set foot onto SJU’s campus, you are bound to fall in love with the urban lifestyle surrounding the campus and the college feel present on campus at the same time.


4. Being shown the residence halls.

On your campus tour, your ambassador will show you around the residence halls, that way you get a feel of where you might be living.



5. Eating at the dining hall.

I suggest that if you definitely have the chance too, try eating at Monty’s to get a taste of the food on campus.



6. Surveying the classrooms.

Most likely, you will be able to survey the classrooms to get an academic feel of SJU.



7. Checking out the gym.

Make sure you definitely have the opportunity to find out where the fitness center is on campus. Access is free to all SJU students.

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8. Talking to students.

Talking to students about the SJU lifestyle just might make or break your decision.



9. Going inside the church.

On your tour, you will most likely get a chance to go inside the beautiful St. Thomas More Church.


10. Hanging out on the Great Lawn.

Be sure to spend time on the Great Lawn, the place where all SJU students go to relax and unwind in between classes.


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