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10 Things Every New Dog Owner Needs

Bringing home a new dog can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first ever pet. You don’t know what to expect and the list of things you need for your new fur baby can be daunting.

Being a new dog owner means taking on a load of new responsibilities and figuring out what are necessities to care for your dog and what’s not can be confusing. But whether your dog is a puppy, rescue, or senior dog, having these items will make the transition for both you and your new pet easier.

1. Food

First and foremost, making sure your dog is fed properly is the most important thing. All dogs are different and you should pay attention to how your dog reacts to their food. If you are getting a dog from a foster home, try using the same food that the foster was giving them to make it easier for them to adapt to living in a new home.

But if your pup is not eating or getting sick from the food they are eating, take them to the vet and see if there is a better food option for them. After all, all dogs are different and that includes their digestive system.

2. Crate

Having a crate for them all set up will be important for your dog for many reasons. Crates are a good way to meet your dog’s need for a den, so putting a bed inside the crate and draping a blanket on top will give them a safe space where they can relax.

Crates are also important because when you are away, you can put the dog in the crate so they don’t get into anything while you are gone. Crate training is essential to give your dog structure and a place that they know is their own.

3. Bowls

You obviously will need something to put your dog’s food and water in. There are plenty of options for bowls based on your dog’s needs. If your dog eats too fast, you can easily get a slow feeder bowl which is a maze inside the bowl. Its purpose is to slow the pace at which your dog eats, making it easier for them to digest food.

When it comes to the material of the bowl, you can’t go wrong with getting dishwasher-safe and or stainless steel bowls. They are easy to clean as the bowls will inevitably get dirty and you want to steer clear of any bowls that are made of plastic as the dog could chew them and break pieces off. This is can allow for bacteria to build up in the bowl or your dog could swallow the pieces they chew off.

4. Collar

One of the pet necessities that you should have already ready for picking up your pup is a collar. Your dog having a collar is important because it will keep your dog safe on walks by being leashed by the collar. Also if your dog gets lost, people will know that your dog isn’t a stray. It’s imperative that you have your name and contact information somewhere on the collar for people to be able to reach you.

Another helpful tip is to have your dog’s name printed in big bold letters on the collar because if your dog, unfortunately, gets lost or runs away, you will have a noticeable identifier to put on posters or social media posts so people know what to look for.

5. Leash

Much like a collar, a leash is another necessity you need to have ready for your dog before you bring them home. Leashes are important for keeping the dog safe especially if you don’t have a fenced-in backyard or any backyard at all and need to take them for a walk every time they need to go the bathroom.

It’s also important that you walk your dog frequently outside of going to the bathroom to keep them healthy and to get exercise. Having a good, study leash will make that easier.

6. Pee Pads

Even if your dog was housebroken before you bring them home, having pee pads are always a good call. A change in environment can cause a regression in your dog’s training, especially when it comes to going to the bathroom.

Peed pads aren’t something that you will need forever, but it’s important to remember that you need to be patient with your new dog and understand that coming into their forever home is a big change for them.

7. Treats

Just as we love our treats like candy and chips, it’s important to get treats for your dog as well. Treats can be used for multiple purposes. You can get specific training treats to help reinforce good behavior or you can get certain treats that make it easier for your dog to take any needed medication.

Getting high-value treats will be important if your dog is food-motivated. If you rescue your dog, most adoption places will require proof that your dog has completed obedience training and getting treats will make this process easier.

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8. Harness

A lot of people associate a harness with when you take your dog in the car. But for dogs that have a tendency to get nervous on the leash and pull, having the leash hooked up to the harness will be safer than having the leash attached to the collar which they can slip out of.

Harnesses are also great if you take your dog to a place where they don’t need to be on a leash like a dog park or dog beach. Having a harness with multiple handles will make it easy to get ahold of them if they are prone to chasing smaller animals like squirrels or cats. A harness is also a great tool to teach dogs not to pull on the leash if you aren’t comfortable working with a gentle lead. Hooking the leash to the front of the harness will make it hard for the dog to pull and will make it easier when going for walks.

9. Poop Bags

Even if you live in a place with a big backyard where your dog can do their business, poop bags are important to have. Whether you are someone who would only take the dog in the car if it’s only to go to the vet’s or the groomer’s or you take your dog everywhere with you, having poop bags will make your life a lot easier.

Now it’s not fun to be carrying around your dog’s poop if there is no trashcan around, but they do make clip-on attachments for leashes for containers that you can place the poop bag in and will conceal the smell.

10. Seatbelt

Lastly, a seatbelt is something that you need to get for your dog. Nothing is more important than making sure your pup is safe and that goes for when they are in the car as well. Getting a harness attachment that can clip right into the buckle works best.

These are also great because your dog can still let their eats flap in the wind with the window down but you don’t have to worry about them jumping out the window as they will be restricted by the seatbelt.

What do you think of these pet necessities for your dog? Are you thinking of getting a dog? Will you be getting any of these items? Let us know in the comments below!

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