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10 Things Every Fit Girl NEEDS To Own

10 Things Every Fit Girl NEEDS To Own

So you’re a fitness freak? Someone who’d rather do a push-up than eat a push-pop, take a shot of wheat grass than a shot of tequila, run a real marathon over a Netflix marathon. OR maybe none of that’s the case and you’re just someone who like to get a good sweat sesh in every now and then. Either way, if you consider yourself a fit girl, here are 10 things you should definitely own to up the ante of your fit chick facade.

1. A FabFitFun subscription for all the latest and greatest.

Subscription box perfection, really. The ideal mix of fitness and beauty, FabFitFun delivers premium, full sized products, 4 times a year (once every season). It’s concoction of health and wellness items, hand-picked for the fitness savvy – are seriously worth the 3 month intermittent wait.

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Need a little more convincing? Check out a few of my favorite products from this month’s box; an adorable (and motivational) yoga towel and an awesome light-weight moisturizer. The towel sucks up moisture, is pretty darn big without being bulky, and is seriously cute. The moisturizer, or “atmosphere protection cream” as it’s dubbed, is perfect to wear during my early morning runs out in the scorching summer sun. Oh and not to mention, those ice pop molds (yes, these came in the box as well) are the perfect way to quest my thirst after an intense workout. Yep, you can pretty much say I’m obsessed. 


2. A fitness tracker because, duh.

Monitor your daily steps, calorie expenditure, heart rate, sleep cycle, etc. If you’re a fit girl, I’d be surprised if you didn’t already own one of these bad boys.

3. A good pair of sneakers.

The key to a good workout? A good pair of sneakers. Depending on what type of exercise you’ll be taking on, there are multiple aspects that make up the perfect shoe. Extra support for high intensity circuit training, a light weight build for long distance runs, decent traction for track sprints – if you don’t have the right pair of sneakers, believe me, your workout is going to be sub par.


4. The ultimate water bottle.

You know, for those days you don’t feel like toting around your gym bag. Water bottles that have a built-in wallet make life so much easier – especially when you decide to meet the girls for brunch…straight after your morning 5k.

5. Earphones…that don’t fall out.

Any fit girl knows the importance of a quality pair of earphones. Constantly having to adjust and fiddle around with uncooperative earphones can really put a damper on a workout. Invest in a quality pair that will actually stay on your head…even during the most intense burpee set, and you won’t be disappointed.

6. A (life-changing) spiralizer.

Pasta is finally acceptable to eat thanks to this genius invention. Well, kind of. A spiralizer turns just about any vegetable you can think of into skinny, pasta-like noodles that become the most perfect pasta replacement out there. No, they obviously don’t taste the same as regular pasta, but they hold sauces just as well, and we all know that’s the best part of a pasta dish anyway.


7. A foam roller for those achy muscles.

Seriously, if you don’t have a foam roller, get one. It’s a complete game changer for sore muscles and aching body parts.


8. A fashionable gym bag you can take anywhere.

Going from class to the gym, running errands to afternoon barre class, and everything in between, any fit girl NEEDS to own a fashionable gym bag that can easily store all those #fitlife necessities…and still look cute while out and about.

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9. The oh-so-convenient flip belt.

Much like the water bottle I mentioned earlier, the flip belt eliminates the need to trot around a gym bag, purse, or worse yet – juggle your phone, credit cards and keys in your hand, during a run or workout. Slip this sucker on right around waist and tuck all your essentials inside. It’s like a fanny pack for fit girls. But cooler.

10. A Fabletics subscription for the fashion savvy fit girl.

When you more or less live in strictly gym clothes, it’s a no-brainer that you’d have a subscription to a service that provides you with new fitness clothes each and every month. Can you really have too many leggings?

What else does every fit girl need to own? Share in the comments!


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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