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10 Things Every CSUN Freshman Should Know

10 Things Every CSUN Freshman Should Know

10 Things Every CSUN Freshman Should Know

Congratulations!! You are officially a MATADOR! Even if you have already read a billion college articles, these are 10 tips you actually need to read if you are a CSUN freshman!

1. Parking is freaking crazy.

CSUN is notorious for its parking, or rather, lack thereof. Add 15-30 minutes to your commute time to ensure that you find a spot!

2. There is something for everyone at CSUN.

Greek life, clubs, Matador Nights, and other events put on by the student union! Explore and find what suits you here!



It only costs $20 to see some of the hottest artists including Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Diplo, Tyga and DJ Carnage (just last year).

4. The food is prime.

If you don’t want to go for anything on campus, CSUN is located in the San Fernando Valley, where there is a wide variety of excellent restaurants.

5. College life is exhausting.

The places to catch some z’s are the VRC (Veterans Resource Center), Oasis Wellness Center, library, or Oviatt lawn…


6. Nice People don’t finish last.

Being a nice person can get you early registration. It is no secret that classes are hard to get. Right when online registration opens, students flood the CSUN Portal.

Tip: There are special ways to get early registration. The most well known way is to become a DRESS Note-taker. DRESS is a program for students with learning difficulties that pairs them up with peer note-takers in class. It is rumored that there are other ways to gain an early registration time, but even I have yet to uncover them. Legend has it that those who volunteer get them.

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7. Nice people exist in the form of professors.

Talk to your professors. Be nice to them. Most are more than happy to help you, if you are struggling to get through their class – or just life in general.

8. Take advantage of the SRC (Student Recreation Center).

Exercise is a beautiful thing (even more so when it’s free)!

9. Make use of the Free Food on Thursday’s.

Drop by the USU (University Student Union) on Thursday’s. There is always some event going on with free food. And ‘free’ is a college student’s favorite word, am I right?


10. Did I mention parking?

Yeah, it’s that bad.

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