10 Things To Do Daily To Boost Your GPA

Maintaining a GPA isn’t easy. And if you do think it is easy, you are one of the extremely select few. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Keep reading for 10 things you can do daily to boost your GPA!

boost your GPA

1. Organize what you need to study ahead of time so that you only study for a little bit each day.

Obviously studying is a big part of doing better in school, but most people, myself included, wait until the day before the big test to start studying. Save yourself the heartache and study the material you learned in class throughout the week to keep what you’re learning fresh in your mind and to avoid the all-nighter you are inevitably going to pull to cram through your all your notes.

2. Meet with your professor if you are the slightest bit confused on the material.

Who better to meet with to do better in a class than the person who is teaching the material? Make daily appointments with your professor during their office hours to go over what was taught in class and clear up a subject that you may have been struggling with. Your professor will love that you are are making the effort and it shows them that you really care about your grade.


3. Participate in class.

Participation may not count for a large portion of your grade but it is essential to doing better in your classes which will help boost your GPA. You can get a lot from participating in class. It’s your chance to get your thoughts out there and see how the professor responds and the majority of the time, the conversations that take place in class will help you tackle those assignments that your professor gives you. It may seem “uncool” to speak up during class, but you’re in class now so you’re pretty much past only doing what’s “cool”.

4. Form a study group and stay in contact with them.

There’s a reason most professors suggest that you form a study group, and that is because it works. Studying is never fun, but it is comforting to know that they’re others suffering with you. Who knows, you might find a way to make it entertaining.

5. Put the distractions away… you can make it for one hour.

It is amazing how much you learn in class when you aren’t scrolling Instagram or tweeting during your professor’s lecture. Try to put your phone on silent, or get a little crazy and turn it off all together and really pay attention to what is being said. I guarantee you will do better and maybe start to actually like the class you signed up for.

6. Meet with a tutor or take advantage of your school’s academic help centers.

There’s no shame in hiring a tutor to do better in your classes. College is hard and sometimes you need all the help you can get. For whatever reason there seems to be a bit of an association between getting a tutor and meaning someone is dumb because of it- which is simply not the case. Everyone works differently so if getting a tutor and working one-on-one is what you have to do to succeed, then do it.

7. Be selective in taking classes that actually interest you.

In college we don’t always get the opportunity to take the classes we want, but sometimes you are able to create your own schedule and this is something you should take full advantage of. Look for classes that genuinely interest you and keeping your grades up to boost your GPA won’t seem like such work. At community college I took a popular culture class and to this day I would say it was the best class I have ever taken. Writing the essays didn’t seem so mundane because I actually liked what I was writing about. When you’re passionate about something it shows, and your grade will reflect it.

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8. Make sure you catch those Zzs.

Sleeping more to get better grades? Who would’ve thought it was an actual thing- but it is. The more sleep you get, the more alert you will be in your classes, and you won’t be tempted to skip class in order to sleep. Pulling an all-nighter every time you have a test won’t make you do better, it will just make you more tired and stressed.


9. Hand write your notes instead of typing them.

I personally love taking handwritten notes rather than typing them on the computer. I definitely remember my notes better when I actually have to write them down. Plus taking handwritten notes is the best way to keep yourself focused on what the professor is saying and not the million other things that are on your computer screen.

10. Quiz yourself, frequently.

Give yourself mini quizzes to ensure that you are understanding the class material and to highlight any problem areas you may be having. It is better to work all the kinks out now rather than in class during the test. If you don’t want to create the test yourself, go on Quizlet and have them give you the quiz. You will definitely be more prepared because of it. Flash cards work perfectly fine, as well.

What else can you do daily to boost your GPA? Comment below and share this article with friends!

10 things to do to boost your gpa
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