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10 Things To Do In Between Classes At Texas A&M

10 Things To Do In Between Classes At Texas A&M

Whether you are a brand new freshman or a senior about to graduate, I bet you have experienced that weird gap between your classes. Sometimes it is only fifteen minutes and other times it can be up to an hour and a half! I have compiled 10 (productive) suggestions to help you through that no class slump, so you are always prepared for your time in between classes at Texas A&M.

1. Get a little extra studying done.

This may seem like a no brainer- but one thing you can do is study. Go to the third floor at the John F. Moss Library and find a quiet, secluded area where you can get some work done. Another place I like to go is outside. I carry a large, old blanket around with me in the trunk of my car and when the weather is nice, I spread out by Bringle Lake on campus.



2. Attend that club meeting you’ve been meaning to go to…

While you are still on campus you could attend club meetings or go to campus activities! Getting involved on campus is a great way to meet new people and you can have fun in the process! Flyers posted around campus should let you know the date and time activities are supposed to take place.

3. Grab a bite to eat.

The next thing you could do during your “odd hour” is get something to eat. There are many great places to eat something quick around campus including: McDonalds, Steak and Shake, Burger King, Jason’s Deli, Olive Garden, Chili’s, and many more. Something I love to do is order a To- Go order from a restaurant of my choice. That way I can pick it up and head back to campus or eat on the run.

4. Run some errands.

Speaking of eating on the run- the next thing you can do is run errands. If you have a few errands to run, doing so in between classes is a great use of your time! So whether you need to pick up an online order at Central Mall, fill up with gas at the E-Z Mart near campus, or drop off some donations to our local Goodwill your “odd hour” gives you time to do this!



5. Spend time with friends.

Go hang out with your friends if they are struggling with the “odd hour” as well! You all could form a study group, go to campus activities together or grab some lunch as a group!

6. Visit a professor.

Go see your professors! If you have questions on an upcoming assignment, want to talk about your grades, or just feel like stopping to chat! (Be sure and check office hours before you go to make sure they will be there!)


7. Go to the gym!

If you are full of energy from that extra shot of espresso Starbucks put in your coffee that morning, or if you just want to sweat a bit the gym is a great idea! We have one on campus or you could find a membership to one off campus such as Golds Gym Express or Anytime Fitness.

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8. Take a nap.

If you are dragging from that super dull lecture you just sat through or you stayed up to late scrolling through your best friends Instagram, find a place on campus to take a power nap. There are couches and lounges on every floor of the university, and most people are going to be doing the same thing! If you can’t beat them… join them!

9. Go shopping!

If you notice that your favorite store is having a one day 50% off sale and you’ve been eyeing a cute pair of shoes for weeks… go get them! Your “odd hour” is the perfect time for a little retail therapy.


10. Spend some “YOU time”.

Get a quick haircut. Get your nails done. This is a great stress-reliever for finals time or anytime when you are feeling overwhelmed! A great place to go is Relax Nail and Spa located down Richmond Road!


What are some other things to do in the “off hours” between classes at Texas A&M? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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