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10 Things That Actually Happen During UGA Rush

10 Things That Actually Happen During UGA Rush

Don’t be afraid of Greek life recruitment! It’s one of the best things you can do to meet new people and make new friends! Rush is different at every school. So keep reading for 10 things that actually happen during UGA Rush!

1. You won’t be able to stick with your friends from home.

Don’t expect your childhood BFF that you’ve known since you were two years old to be with you for the entirety of recruitment. Everyone will be split up by last name and placed in Gamma Chi groups so you can meet new people and the process can be solely up to you!

2. You will have the same conversation at more than one house.

The older girls you’re speaking to do not know what conversation you had at the last house you visited, so they may ask the same questions depending on whether or not you are talking. Honestly, it’s up to the person being rushed to steer the conversation and ask questions… (Older girls love to answer questions and learn more about what you like to do!)



3. You will be nervous and mess something up. IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.

You may shake a girl’s hand at the first house (there is no touching between older girl and girl being rushed) or you may forget to have your notecard (ID) ready to hand off! This does not mean you will automatically be dropped, it happens to everyone at least once during recruitment so wipe it off and don’t worry about it!

4. By the end of recruitment, you will either cry, take a nap, or both.

This is honestly going to be the longest week of your life. By Pref day, you will either cry from a girl’s emotional story or cry because you are so emotionally and physically exhausted. It’s ok, the older girls are just as tired and drained as you are!


5. You will see someone who looks very casual and comfy and you will think ‘Why didn’t I wear something like that?’

The question is… Why didn’t you? If it’s your style to wear flowy pants during house tours instead of J. Crew shorts, then rock those flowy pants. If you want to wear your hair in a ponytail, DO IT. (I did and I got into the house I wanted!) The older girls want to know who you are and style is a way to express yourself!

6. Girls will brag about who they know in each house and where they are legacies…

You will hear this the entire week… Don’t stress. Just because their great great grandma was associated at another school’s chapter doesn’t mean they have a better chance of getting in that house than you do! The girls pick you based on personality and fit, not by who you know!

7. You will not understand every single word in the conversations.

200 girls in one house all trying to talk to PNM’s (Potential New Members) is almost impossible. Don’t be afraid to ask for someone to repeat what they just said 5 times. It’s loud and you won’t catch it all. Chances are you will even nod your head to an actual question.



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8. You will get so hot and you will sweat… A LOT!

Recruitment. Outside. In Georgia. It’s 100 degrees on a good day and older girls are well aware than PNMs are waiting outside in the heat before entering houses. We know you are going to sweat; I guarantee we are sweating to! Just don’t mention ours and we won’t mention yours!


9. You will get dropped from houses you love.

You can only have a home in one sorority and chances are the sororities that dropped you didn’t do it because they didn’t like YOU but did it because they knew you would fit in somewhere even better! Everything older girls do is to make sure PNMs have the best experience and wind up at the house that’s the best fit for them! IT ALL WORKS OUT! (You have to go from 18 houses all the way down to 1…)


This day is by far the best day of the week! You will pack a bag with a toothbrush, running shorts, and comfy shoes and wear your white dress along with all 1500 other PNMs and get your bid day card! Once you get your card you will take a bus to your new forever home and meet all the other PNMs in your pledge class and older girls! It’s basically a party all night long after that!

What are some other things that actually happen during UGA Rush? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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