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10 Tapestries You’ll Want Hanging On Your Dorm Room Walls

10 Tapestries You’ll Want Hanging On Your Dorm Room Walls

Decorations are an essential part of a dorm room. This room is your new home so you should make it feel like that. Many people have lived in that room before, but it is now your turn. A place to start with decorations is your walls. Your walls are where you can show off your true personality. Or you could just try to make your walls look nice and artsy. Try putting some tapestries up on your wall to accomplish that goal. There are great pieces of fabric that show off a variety of designs. Also, unlike normal paper posters, you can reuse them for future rooms and get more bang for your buck. You can usually fit a couple on your dorm walls, depending on the size of the tapestries. Here are some great tapestries that you can buy that will help your walls display the real you.Be Happy

1. Be Happy

A dorm room is a safe space, so you should be comfortable. Nothing like a bunch of tapestries to help cheer you up. This is a tapestry that implies good vibes for your new home. The bright yellow is a happy color and all of the smiles are just infectious. College is supposed to be one of the greatest times of your life. However, there are moments that can get hard. You may need a reminder to lift your spirits. If you hang it over your desk, you can always look up as you work. It is a fun pattern that will be a wonderful addition to your room. With this tapestry, your space will have uplifting energy to carry you through the school year.

Girl Power


2. Girl Power

In your home, you are free to express your beliefs and be proud of them. Shout these beliefs from the rooftops. Or at least, shout them from your walls. This tapestry is for feminists everywhere. It is sharing a wonderful message. You should be proud of yourself. You are now in college and you are going to work hard and have an amazing time. College is a time for taking risks and being bold. That is what this tapestry is about. It doesn’t hurt that it is in pretty shades of green and pink and will make for a pretty decoration. But that is not the only reason why this tapestry will be hanging. If you are presented with an opportunity, just say yes. When you are in your dorm room, you will be reminded about who you are and that you are a girl boss.

Welcome Sign

3. Welcome Sign

If you want to be sure about anything in college, you can be sure that you will meet a lot of people. Some people may turn out to be friends for years to come, others may be quick buds that you only hang out with at the beginning of the year. Either way, you will be getting to know people. If you bring people back to your room, you have to make them feel welcome. This tapestry makes sure of that. This does not mean you need this tapestry or else people will not understand that they are welcome. This tapestry will just give off a friendly vibe that this is a place to be comfortable. It also signifies for you that this is where you live. It is not just somewhere you are staying for a bit. It is a new home. If you have a roommate, you guys are going on this new journey together, and you should get ready for the people joining that journey as well.


Tarot Night Sky

4. Tarot Night Sky

Spiritual beliefs can be a part of your personality, so they can be important to where you live. Tarot cards are meant to show people’s future and what their fortune holds. Those fortunes can be good or bad, but the designs in this tapestry only represent the good. In tarot, the star represents new hopes and courage for one’s future. If that does not represent college, I don’t know what does. This will be a sign that you will have a pleasing college experience as long as you prosper. If you believe that there is a greater power that is helping you out and that you should not mess with spirits, this tapestry will provide a great omen. Even if that is not your thing, this is still a great design shows off the magic and power of the night sky.

Trippy Glow


5. Trippy Glow

You can make your room look unique and have some fun with it. While these tapestries all serve as great decorations, this will be a great decoration at all hours of the day. This tapestry can glow in the dark, so it can be appreciated even when the lights are off. Don’t worry, it’s not too bright for when you want to sleep, just enough to be seen. This tapestry is full of shocking colors that make the art standout. The design itself is also full of intrigue and you just want to keep staring at it. The intricacies of what is on the tapestry has a real peace and love vibe that jus makes you want to chill out. This is for anyone who wants to do something exciting with their dorm wall and have some fun with their home. It’s time to go crazy and go colorful.

SpongeBob Joke

6. SpongeBob Joke

It’s always good to have a sense of humor to make you smile, especially mixed with a pop culture reference. It’s nice to have something funny as a decoration. It gives you and whoever enters your room a small giggle as they step inside. This tapestry is whimsical and is for the kid at heart. Was SpongeBob something you enjoyed when you were younger? Well then it is good to always call back to your roots. Remind yourself how you got to where you are now and what you loved as a child. Just because it is college, does not mean you have to always be a serious adult. Plus, this tapestry has a great message. You’re not a weenie, you’re confident and this hanging in your room will pump you up.


Rock and Roll

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7. Rock and Roll

Interests are an essential part of a person’s personality and they help shape your life. This tapestry is for all of the music fans out there. If you like even a couple bands on this tapestry, then it will very much represent you. If someone were to walk into your room, they would know immediately that you like rock and roll music. The goal of wall decorations is to make your home enjoyable so that the dorm feels like it belongs to you. Show off your true self and everything that makes up your personality. A lot of these bands are from a previous century, but that does not make them bad for a 21st century college student. If anything, it may make you stand out. Or it could be a conversation starter if you bring back someone who happens to love music to your room. Some tapestries on this list are based on looks, this is based on content. Rock on and have a great year.New York City Window


8. New York City Window

While you may not be overlooking the big city, you can still have some fun and pretend. Maybe your goal is to one day live in a large city like New York City. Or maybe that is where you are from and you want a reminder of home. Or it could also be that you have always found cities to be fascinating and you like how they look. Whatever the reason, this tapestry can make for a great decoration. It is representing an interest of yours. It is like a window into another world. The window borders add a nice touch to make the picture look real. This is a very well done picture that will look wonderful on your walls.  It will be a nice addition to your dorm room as it will be a unique photo to show off your home at heart.

Modern Art

9. Modern Art

You want to make your dorm room look nice, and hanging some art would definitely help your room look pretty. This tapestry will make your dorm room feel like a museum. Everyone has their preferred type of art. Maybe you are a modern art fan. With its sleek lines and bold colors, there is something admirable about this style of art. It will show that you are a person of culture. You may be a lover of the arts or maybe you just want to appear that way. Either way, it will be a gorgeous addition to your walls. There are some great colors on this tapestry that will stand out in your room. If you ever have people over in your room, this will be the first thing that captures their attention. This tapestry is about beauty, so soak it all in.


White Roses

10. White Roses

Flowers help brighten up spaces and bring a natural and cheery vibe anywhere. The roses in this tapestry may not be as in your face as some other roses, like the red or pink ones. That is what makes this a subtle yet pretty decoration. White roses are a symbol of innocence and youthfulness. This is a great representation for the beginning of college. You start out young in a whole new world. You have yet to fall into all that college has to offer. These roses will be the perfect fit for your new life. They show that you like to enjoy your surroundings and you stop to smell the roses, so to speak. And of course, flowers are always a sight for sore eyes. This tapestry will be a great addition to your wall as it is not only very pretty, but also will represent the beginning of a new life.