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10 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Check Out

10 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Check Out

As the year 2021 comes to an end, customers are finally grasping on to the serious damage done by fast fashion brands. Shopping sustainably is one of the best ways to start improving our planet. Here are 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Check Out!

Believe it or not, the fashion industry is one of the top polluting industries in the world. Despite knowing this information, fast fashion brands are continued to be supported for one reason, and that sole reason only begin that they are cheap. Sometimes it can be hard to pass up a great deal on clothes, but the surplus of clothing that comes with fast fashion is truly damaging to our planet. There are many solutions to working to fix the problems caused by the fashion industry, but one easy fix is by starting to shop sustainably. Yes, sustainable materials can be harder to access and result in a higher price tag, however not all sustainable brands out there have a high cost! Shopping sustainably will not only help out the planet, but also provide you with longer lasting, better quality pieces that are made ethically!

1. Reformation

Reformation is an extremely sustainably focused brand who makes everything from low-impact materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. They are also strongly committed to providing a safe and functional space for their workers in their own sustainable factory in Los Angeles. Reformation makes cool and trendy, yet also one of a kind pieces that are 100% sustainably made. The brand is constantly working to promote the negative aspects of the industry and educate their shoppers on how we can do better as a whole. Their online site even features a whole page on focused on sustainability and how the brand works to be less wasteful than other brands out there.


2. Vivienne Westwood

One of my all time favorite designers is Vivienne Westwood, so I found it fitting to include her on this list, as she goes out of her way to stick to and promote her values on sustainability. As one of the higher end sustainable fashion brands on this list, Vivienne Westwood sets a true example of how luxury fashion designers can be more ethically aware. In 2010, Westwood began her online diary “Get a Life” to discuss her involvement in fashion, politics, and the environment. She discusses how she only uses sustainable fabrics, as well as making quality products that focus on craft and heritage, people power, materials and processing, and reimagining waste.

3. Lush

The beauty industry is another part of the fashion industry that can cause an excess of waste. Lush is a brand that makes bath products, skincare, and haircare that is fresh, ethically-sourced, cruelty free, vegetarian, handmade, low waste and effective. All of Lush’s products are extremely well made and self-preserving, while remaining very sustainable. Lush is devoted to eliminating the need for packaging, with the few packaged items using recycled and recyclable materials.

4. Connor Ives

Connor Ives is an fashion designer devoted to promoting sustainability on and off the runway. Ives Connor is a Central Saint Martins graduate who was noticed after helping Rhianna create her Fenty collection. He is known for using vintage garments and deadstock materials to create high fashion that is one of a kind. His designs are inspired by memories of the girls and women he grew up with and strives to tell their stories through his fashion.


5. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney makes high end, fashion forward products while committing to a sustainable vision that can inspire many other brands. The brand strives to create the most beautiful, desirable products with the least impact on our environment. They have many approaches to making sustainable clothing such as using materials like biodegradable stretched denim, regenerated nylon, KOBA Fur Free Fur, and ensure that all of paper and cardboard packaging is certified sustainable.

6.  Everlane

Everlane partners with the best, ethical factories around the world and works to source the finest sustainable materials. The modern clothing brand is super transparent with their customers, always carefully explaining their new and changing ways to remain as sustainably focused as they can. Everlane cares less about following trends, but instead makes products designed to last long, including great basics for both men and women.

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7. Mud Jeans

If you haven’t heard of MUD Jeans, they are a sustainable and fair trade certified denim brand based in The Netherlands. Their jeans are made from 40% recycled content, with the material being derived from discarded jeans. The brand even has a “Lease a jeans” option where you can have a 12 month paid membership, and when the time is up, you can keep your jeans, swap them for a new pair or send them back. This easily reduces waste and the large amount of denim ending up in our landfills.

8. Alohas

Alohas is a brand that makes on-demand sustainable products in Spain. They work to stop overproduction by only producing the ideal amount of shoes they will sell. The brand also just created a new carbon offset feature that enables donations to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of e-commerce.


VEJA is a French footwear and accessories brand focused on making a change in the fashion industry. As one of the top sustainable fashion brands on the list, they are well known for upcycling, especially by being the first sneaker brand to use recycled plastic bottles to make an innovative sneaker out of B-mesh.


10. Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies is a brand who utilizes African design practices and techniques while also creating and sustaining artisanal jobs. The shoes and accessories brand is committed to honoring the people who make our products and the places where they are made. Sustainability is very important at Brother Vellies, using materials like vegetable-tanned leathers, recycled tires, hand carved wood, and floral dyed feathers, along with a collection of other by-product materials sourced from farmers across the globe.

Now that you know some more sustainable fashion brands, it’s time to stop supporting fast fashion and work to improve our planet!

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