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10 Surefire Ways To Make Friends In College

10 Surefire Ways To Make Friends In College

Learning how to make friends on campus can be intimidating, but it is also extremely rewarding. Think about it; some of the friends you make in college will end up being lifelong friends! So while you might be a bit hesitant at first, you just have to remember that everyone else is in the same boat: you are all trying to make friends in college just like the next person! Here are ten tips to meet new people and ultimately make friends in college!

1. Get involved.

Everyone always says to get involved to meet new people (which is much easier said than done), but it truly is the best way to make friends in college! See any clubs you’re interested in? Sign up! You’ll meet a ton of people who have similar interests and you just might find your new bestie!

2. Join an intramural sport team.

One of the best ways to get to meet people is to join a team sport…even if you’re the most un-athletic person in the world! Intramural teams are more about having fun and doing something active and less about the competition (depending on your teammates!).



3. Strike up a conversation with someone!

Start with a compliment. If you see someone wearing a Tee with your favorite band on it, tell them! Once you’ve found something in common with someone, that’s the first step to a friendship. Even if nothing comes out of it, there’s nothing wrong with being friendly!

4. Get a job.

There are plenty of on-campus and off-campus jobs out there which are a great way to meet new people since you’ll be working among others. That being said, try to find a job that includes constant interaction with people (you don’t want to be stocking books in the back corners of the library)!


5. Eat in the dining hall.

The worst thing you can do is to stay in your dorm room all day. Go out and socialize a bit! You don’t have to speak to every single person that passes by you, but people need to at least know you live on this campus! I live by the rule: see and be seen. Try to eat in the dining hall for every meal. Go up to a table that has an empty seat and ask if you can join the group; 9 times out of 10, the answer will be yes.


6. Take public transportation.

Make the most of your commute to classes by taking the bus. Chat it up with some of the other students on board, and see where the conversation, and the ride, take you.

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7. Get a study buddy.

Chances are you’re not the only one that finds a class you’re in challenging. Talk to the person next to you to see if they understand what’s going on. Keep up the convo, exchanged numbers, and now you have a way to ace the class and make a new friend!

8. A simple, kind gesture goes a long way.

Simply holding the door for someone can lead to a friendship. My boyfriend and another guy on campus have an unofficial-official friendship. After holding the door for the other in the pouring rain, they have a mutual unspoken agreement and friendship. Every time they see each other on campus they give each other high fives. Never underestimate the little things when it comes to making friends on campus!


9. Go to school events.

Whether it’s a sporting event, music festival, or art fair; go to the events! This is where everyone else is, so that’s exactly where you want to be to make friends in college.

10. Become a leader on campus.

The best way to meet new people on campus is to become a leader on campus. Become an RA or a club president! You’re sure to make friends this way since it’ll basically be your job to manage/recruit/organize other students. Obviously this tip is for the bold and the brave, but if you aren’t one of those people who can lead a group, just go back to the first tip: join a club instead!

Have any other tips to make friends in college? Share in the comments!

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