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10 Summer Fashion Trends To Look For In 2022

10 Summer Fashion Trends To Look For In 2022

It’s a new season, and that can only mean one thing: new summer fashion trends! If you’re at a loss for what to wear this season, here are some summer fashion pieces that you can easily adopt into your wardrobe.

1. That Girl

There is not one definition for “That Girl.” “That Girl” takes many forms, from the mysterious, Doc Martens-wearing girl at the bookstore to the green juice wellness guru you see at the gym. In my mind, one of the many versions of “That Girl” wears a sleek bun, stylish sunglasses, and staple hoops. Stick with light tones for this look (especially whites and baby blues), and don’t be afraid to throw in a linen shirt. “That Girl” is clean, effortless, and focused on self-care. Fashion is a major component of self-care, so dress in a way that brings you confidence.

2. Coquette Cutie

My personal favorite. Think ballerina-living-in-Paris, and that’s how you get coquette. Thrifting is the best way to participate in this trend. A lot of coquette pieces have a vintage look to them, so buying secondhand is a smart and sustainable idea. For this trend, you’ll want to wear a lot of loose tank tops, camis, or blouses (preferably with a floral or lace pattern), a flowy maxi skirt, Converse and/or kitten heels (if you want to be formal). Dainty jewelry is also a must. I love my Depop Vivienne Westwood heart necklace and pair of small gold hoops.


3. Batter Up

Baseball caps are up to bat!  Though I am by no means athletic, I love this simple, sporty look. Spice up your classic baggy jeans and cropped tee outfit with a baseball cap and braid. This is the perfect ensemble for running errands in…casual, yet cute. If you want to look extra active, bust out the biker shorts.

4. Azure, Always

Second to neon pink, azure is the color of the year in summer fashion. In my opinion, azure is a better color to wear in the summer than pink is. This shade of blue instantly brings to mind beach days and clear skies. I’ve mostly seen this color in slip dress, which are easy to dress up or down. For a more elegant look, try to find a satin azure maxi dress (as shown above). If it’s a balmy July day, I’d suggest going with the mini version of this dress. Zara has an expansive collection of clothes in this color, from flowing trousers to linen shirts.

5. The Return of the Tube Top

If Matilda Djerf says that tube tops are in for summer fashion, they’re in. End of discussion. I didn’t think I would wear my 2015 Hollister tube top ever again, but here I am now. Tube tops are here to stay, and I’m not mad about it. They pair nicely with a mini skirt for a cute going-out look. You can even find matching tube top and skirt sets on Djerf Avenue, or for a less expensive option, Cotton On.


6. Cargo, Cargo, Cargo

Get the Kim Possible look. Cargo pants are perfect for when it’s not-too-hot, not-too-cold outside. Imagine wearing these on a breezy summer day. Cargo pants are another go-to option for casual wear. What’s best about them is that they usually have pockets: a rarity for most women’s clothing. Halter tops look great with cargo pants, as well as graphic tees. You can even accessorize with a baseball hat, if you want a summer fashion trend-upon-trend. As for shoes, I’d go with a pair of Dad sneakers. I call any pair of slightly dirty, slightly oversized sneakers “Dad” sneakers…it just makes sense in my mind.

7. Crochet, All Day

Calling all crafty fashionistas! Now’s your chance to wear what you make. Crochet anything is in for summer fashion, whether it’s a crochet tote bag, a crochet top, or even a crochet bra. These pieces will add an extra texture to any outfit. A little pop of color won’t hurt anyone, either! I love this look because it’s reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s. Dance around in your crochet skirt like it’s Woodstock.

8. Make It Maxi


Bonus points if they’re lowrise. Lowrise is going to be BIG in summer fashion, whether you want it to be or not. Maxi skirts are easy to find, and they’re a versatile summer fashion piece. You can wear them with a simple graphic tee or a more formal blouse. If you’re going for a more vintage look, search your nearby Savers or Goodwill for a secondhand maxi skirt. This white tiered one from Brandy Melville is an amazing piece to own as well. I’ve seen the same skirt at a lot of different stores, so explore your options!

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9. Show Your Stripes

If you’ve seen this headband floating around, that’s because it’s on the rise to becoming a summer fashion trend. Once again, I have to tip my hat to Miss Matilda Djerf for creating this gorgeous piece. What better way to keep your hair from flying in your face at the beach? Unfortunately, the classic Djerf Avenue headband is a bit on the pricier side ($49). But fear not! There are similar styles on Etsy for much cheaper, and made by small business owners.


10. And…Ballet Flats?

Ballet flats? Could it be? I’m honestly surprised (and delighted) to see these back. Ballet flats might just be the staple shoe for 2022 summer fashion, and I’m here for it. Not only are flats way more comfortable than other summer fashion shoes (i.e., espadrille wedges), but they’re also the perfect addition to a simple, feminine look. I think these would complete a coquette outfit (refer back to trend #2 on the list). The viral pair at the moment are the red Repetto heeled ballet shoes, as worn by Lily-Rose Depp. Since those ones are a pretty penny, I suggest looking on Depop for the right flats for you.

This goes without saying, but be conscious of what you consume. Keep in mind that these are all trends, and are therefore likely to fade away. Of course, you should never feel pressured to ditch what you like to wear once it becomes “untrendy.” But if you’re planning on cleaning out your closet once this summer fashion trend cycle is over, I suggest buying these pieces secondhand. (Waste not, want not)! Better yet, donate your clothes to a thrift store when you no longer want them.

Have any other summer fashion tips that we missed? Drop them in the comments below, and share this article with your friends!

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