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10 Subtle Matching Tattoos for You and Your Bff

10 Subtle Matching Tattoos for You and Your Bff

I am a sucker for a cute BFF tattoo but sometimes, it’s hard to commit to a matching tattoo that covers your entire back with your bff, or anyone, for that matter. Today, I am suggesting ten adorable subtle matching tattoo ideas for you and your bff that is guaranteed to make you smile when you see it. Take any of these ideas and feel free to add your own twist to them. The more specific to you and your bff they are, the more you’ll cherish them. If you’re reading this now, go tell your BFF you love them. 

1. A Butterfly

Coming in hot at number one, an adorable subtle matching tattoo for you and your bff is a classic butterfly. I know, this feels less original, but there is a reason it’s a popular idea, because of the meaning. If you and your BFF have been through it all together a butterfly perfectly resembles the growth you’ve experienced by each other’s side. 

10 Subtle Matching Tattoos for You And Your BFF


2. The Four Elements

The four elements, water, earth, air, and fire are all extremely powerful forces of nature, just like you and your bff. These subtle images could be done all together or you can pick which element you relate to the most. I personally have always wanted a lightning bolt to remind me of the power I hold within myself. Air is soft and goes with the flow but can leave a big mark on a place when it wants to. Fire, well, I don’t think I need to explain the strength behind fire but earth, earth keeps us all grounded and reminds us of our roots. This is also a perfect idea for you and your four best friends. 

3. Initials

A simple letter or three on both yours and your bffs bodies is a perfect, subtle, way to leave your mark on each other. Nothing beats a little reminder everyday of the person you love most in this world peeking up at you. Plus, this is an easy one to play off as a drawing if you don’t want your parents to know. 

4. A Song Title or Lyric

People often express love through music so a matching song lyric or title tattoo with your bff will be a perfect reminder of your moments singing this song at the top of your lungs with them. Extra points if it’s a song you really love, too. Either way, you’ll look down at this subtle reminder of you and your bff and are guaranteed to have a smile on your face. 


5. Your “I Love You”

There are so many ways to say “I love you” in the world. Some say, “I love you” or “Always”, others aim more for a “You’re a dumb bitch”, nonetheless, however you say I love you to your BFF is perfect. My bestfriend and I say “for forever” which just so happens to be the matching tattoo we got. I can tell you from experience, this tattoo means the world to me and constantly reminds me how much we love each other (even when she drives me crazy). 

6. A Semi-Colon

I can’t be the only person who has experienced my life being saved by my best friend. Not only is a semi-colon the image for suicde awareness, it’s a simple of continuing on. This isn’t the end of your story or your sentence, and if you can thank your best friend for the help getting you to that place, this is a beautiful tattoo for it. 

10 Subtle Matching Tattoos for You And Your BFF

7. A Pair

If you and your BFF balance each other out perfectly, I suggest getting an equally as iconic pair to commemorate your friendship. A Moon and Sun are a perfect example of a solid duo. Without one, there wouldn’t be another. You and your BFF make each other better and wouldn’t want to do life without one another. So, find your pair, and use it to remind you of how much you need one another. These tattoos also stand alone perfectly so when you’re apart from your bff your tattoo will be able to hold it’s own when people ask about it. 

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10 Subtle Matching Tattoos for You And Your BFF

8. A Heartbeat

I have always adored heartbeat tattoos, especially if the tattoo is a replica of your actual heartbeat. My heart beats for you, BFF. I can’t think of many things more sentimental than having your BFF’s heartbeat tattooed on your body for forever. 

9. A Quote

This idea doesn’t have to involve a quote that you’ve read in a book or seen on tv, this could be something so specific to you and your bff. Maybe you could use a quote that your bff said that made you pee your pants laughing. Maybe your quote could be something in you and your BFF’s language that nobody understands. Nobody else has to understand what your special quote means, it just has to be special to you two. 


10 Subtle Matching Tattoos for You And Your BFF

10. Half a Heart

Not the One Direction song, unfortunately. To have half of a heart tattooed on you and your BFF’s body forever will resemble the love you both have for one another and the way you make each other whole. Without them there, your heart would feel half full. You make each other better, and this will forever remind you of that.  Plus, it’ll be a good reminder during any heartbreak that as long as you have your bff by your side, you’ll be okay. Extra points if you listen to the One Direction song while you get the tattoo, too. 

I think any matching tattoo is such a special way to celebrate you and your BFF. My BFF and I got matching tattoos and I dont regret it one bit! Comment photos down below if you decide to get any of these matching tattoos! Also, let me know other subtle tattoo ideas for you and your BFF. I may just have to go get another one myself.