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10 Study Techniques Every Student Should Try

1. Use a different color for each course.

Use different colored notebooks, pens, and pencils for each specified course that you are taking. If your notes are cluttered, chances are that the information inside of your brain will be cluttered as well. If you continue to practice good habits from the beginning of the semester to the end, you should be set for your exams.

2. Listen to classical music.

Listen to relaxing music when you’re studying. And I don’t mean tear-jerker music. Try listening to some classical music by the likes of Debussy or Beethoven.

3. Try to practice your muscle memory.

Some individuals learn better through rehearsal via writing. So take a look at the information you need to remember, and copy it over and over onto separate sheets of paper.

4. Use mnemonic devices!

The right type of association can definitely help. Here’s an example: When studying elements of negligence at NYU (Duty, Breach, Causation and Damages), Dex from Something Borrowed, used the acronym “Dex Buys Celebratory Dinner” to help his friend better remember the first letter of the elements. It’s then assumed that knowing the letter will trigger your memory of the actual element.

5. Record yourself.

Record yourself reading questions based off of the material that your class covered during the semester. After every question, leave maybe a 5-10 second pause so when you listen later, you have time to come up with an answer in your head. After that pause, speak the answer. When you’ve finished the recording, listen to it when you go jogging or want to give your eyes a break.

6. YouTube.

Take a look online for informational videos regarding your course. Professors and students sometimes create YouTube videos for additional help.

7. Take exercise breaks.

Studying for exams hours upon hours can take its toll on your body. If you need to add a little fitness to your tight schedule, take a break for exercise. After every 30-45 minutes of studying, pick up your laptop or book by its base, hold it midair in front of you, and do 5 squats.

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8. Whip out the camera.

Take pictures of your notes or study guides and save them on your phone. If you have them in a document on your laptop, save them to your Google Drive or Google Docs so that they are easily accessible. This will help you out if you’re out and about running errands when you need to be studying.

9. Take advantage of your talents.

This may sound weird, but take an inventive route and combine your exam material with your talents. For example, if you’re musically endowed, you could write a song about your material. If you’re artistically gifted, you could draw a picture that kick starts your memory and helps you remember the material.

10. Make studying fun!

Gather together a few classmates from one of your courses, and make a study game. You could all compete against each other, battling to answer the most multiple choice questions correctly. If you get a question right, step forward and try to shoot a paper ball into the recycling bin from a fixed position. If you make the shot, you get an extra point.

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Nicole Osztrogonacz

I'm a sophomore at Rutgers University. I love to listen to music and read :)

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