11 Struggles Only a Northerner at UA Understands

The University of Alabama and Alabama itself could be a whole other universe if you are not originally from the south. Walking through campus on the first week of classes as northerner, I soon began to realize that I was not in Connecticut anymore. The way people dressed, spoke, and acted was almost a foreign concept to me. Throughout the year, I have learned to love the many aspects of the southern culture and norms down here at UA. I can proudly say so myself, my over sized comfort color t-shirts are now my most prized possessions. Here are 11 struggles only a northerner at UA understands!


1. You have never seen anybody sport a pair of Chacos before

2. You learn to despise Auburn and everything about it.

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3. You understand quickly that Greek life, and “throwing what you know” is the way of life.

4. You learn that the bigger the t-shirt, the better.

5. You will start to say “y’all”.


6. You have to deal with everything being deep fried.

7. You aren’t used to everyone addressing their elders as “sir and ma’am”, and just acting overall much more polite.

8. If you don’t wear an oversized t-shirt and Nike shorts to class, you’re doing it all wrong.

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9. Tornados and extremely bipolar weather are a real thing.

10. Saturdays in the fall revolve around one thing: gameday.

But one thing is for sure…

Once a northerner comes to UA, they’ll never want to leave!

What are some other things only a northerner at UA would understand? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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