10 Struggles Only Natural Girls Will Understand

Going natural is a big change for girls. Once you start transitioning, you immediately become sucked into the natural family. No matter how you choose to go about the change, all natural girls experience the same struggles.


1. Shrinkage

Our hair could be down to our backs but you wouldn’t know it because of shrinkage!


2. The Dreaded “Can I Touch Your Hair?” Question

People constantly ask natural girls questions that degrade our natural texture and turn it into an object for them to “pet.”


3. Figuring Out Your Hair Type

With so many types, it’s hard to figure you where you stand.


4. Finding The Right Products

Finding products that are fit for your hair and budget becomes an endless journey.


5. Finding Styles That Fit Your Hair

Everyone’s hair is different so you have to find styles that work for you.


6. Wash Day

So much time is spent during “wash day,” you just want to hide in your hair.

7. Fear Of Breaking Your Favorite Comb

While figuring out how your hair works, you go through countless combs trying to make it manageable.

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8. The Love/Hate Relationship With Detangling

Having knot free hair is amazing but the pain and time it takes to get there is depressing.


9. Big Hair And Hats Don’t Mix

Don’t even try wearing hats with a big hair style.


10. Accepting Your Hair

Natural girls have to accept their hair for what it is because it becomes hard with so many negative comments made toward it. Embrace your naturalness!

Featured image source: fashionmagazine.com