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10 Struggles All Lazy College Students Can Relate To

10 Struggles All Lazy College Students Can Relate To

1. Snoozefests

Hitting snooze on your alarm 5 times before you realize you’re going to be late for class.

keep dreaming

2. Netflix addictions

Spending hours a day binge-watching a new TV series that you’re completely obsessed with.


next episode!

3. Fear of showers

Never wanting to get in the showers because that would mean getting out of a warm bed, and being cold afterwards.

fun shower


4. Procrastination

Knowing you have an essay do in two weeks but not starting until the night before it’s due.

oh no

5. Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow

Or the art of rushing through the reading right before class starts.


lazy Homer

6. What library?

Being too lazy to go to the library, but then not doing any work because of all the distracting stuff in your dorm.

funny sign


7. Laundry

Letting laundry pile up until you absolutely have nothing to wear, and then still waiting another couple of days to do it.

Star Wars laundry fail

8. Cold walks

Walking to class when it is cold outside. It should be illegal to make us walk in any temperature under 40 degrees.

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9. FaceTime

When your best friend lives in the same building as you, but you FaceTime them anyway so you don’t have to leave your bed.



10. Snacktime!

When someone asks you if you want to go to the gym, you laugh, because we all know snacks are more important than squats.

walk to fridge



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