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10 Stony Brook Instagrammers You Should Follow

10 Stony Brook Instagrammers You Should Follow

You may be either bustling with excitement at the start of your college years or anticipating the final leg of your undergraduate career. Freshman or senior, whether it’s photos of your favorite celebrity or outfit, dorm, or travel inspiration, Instagram always finds a way to bring us all together. Here are a few Stony Brook Instagrammers you should follow before you step on campus!

1. @al.excel

Alex, an Egyptian/Filipino born freshman, is not your average street photographer. Despite only beginning photography over a year ago after a week-long trip to France, his thought-provoking and vivid shots of everyday NYC life will inspire you to take a weekend trip into the city with a couple of your friends and explore the 5 boroughs it has to offer.



2. @stephanungar

A sophomore engineering science major, Stephan’s photography skills and resulting Instagram feed are literal #goals. From still shots of the glorious Roth Pond at night to graceful shots of West Side dining, he definitely knows how to capture the beauty in any and everything – especially Stony Brook. Complete with dazzling photos of his walks around campus and his trips to the city, his pictures will definitely have you excited to experience fall at Stony Brook.




3. @sbucampusrec

There always seems to be something going on down at the Campus Rec (from intramural sports to fitness classes). Whether you’re prepping for that summer body in the spacious gyms or catching a new spin class, you can make sure you’re up to date by following the campus rec not only on Instagram, but Facebook and Twitter as well.


4. @sbu_jasmine

Located in the Wang Center, Jasmine is home to all different kinds of cuisines, including but not limited to: Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food. Bubble tea or sushi. One thing is for sure: their Instagram feed is equally as aesthetic and amazing as their food.



5. @sbucafe

If you’re really into live music and can’t quite afford those Beyonce or Kanye tickets yet, you can always check the University Cafe and catch some of the amazing bands and artists that Stony Brook has to offer. Funded by the Graduate Student Organization, you’re guaranteed to find at least a few bands or events you’ll be eager to go see over the year.



6. @beeshells

Shelby’s photos encompass everything it means to “live in the moment”. Although she is a linguistics major, she’s been taking photos since she was in middle school. From stunning photos and portraits of her friends and family to impeccable landscape shots of her outings around New York, her photos are sure to take your breath away.


7. @nvsraa

Interested in not only photography but photojournalism as well, Nusrat’s work ranges from vivacious portraits of her friends and herself to artsy photos around Stony Brook. Throw in a few photos of amazing food and her journeys around NYC, and you have the perfect Instagram, complete with outfits and fashion almost as enviable as her camera skills. With her eye for fashion and ability to capture dynamic everyday shots, Nusrat literally #slays.



8. @wolfwthm

From food to travel, Jack’s Instagram is everything many of us wish our Instagrams could always be. Wherever he goes, he has his Nikon slung over his shoulder, ready to conquer and capture the next moment. He utilizes his Instagram to not only showcase and combine both his life in the US and China, but his love for all things fashion, food, and travel – all with a glowing smile and perfectly cut hair.

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9. @ariannachen

Arianna’s Instagram is one of travel, family, and overall good vibes. However, with her flawless photography and sense of style, her account is definitely worth the follow. A computer science major with a history in photography, her brilliant landscape shots of her travels are only enhanced by the blue undertones of her feed and enough to inspire one to create a feed of their own.


10. @kaylamckiski

Kayla, a journalism and biology double major, is the queen of perfectly witty Instagram captions. However, her befitting captions come second to none other than her photography. Her affinity for adventure + stellar photography result in the perfect Instagram feed, guaranteed to strike a sense of wanderlust in any of her followers.


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