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10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

NFL Draft, 10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

Woah, what? Jackson gets to write a sports article? Am I reading this correctly? Yes, yes you are you. I gottem, I finally convinced the higher-ups to let me write about a current event in sports, and honestly, I’m a bit emotional about it. Ya boi is getting a little choked up over here as I deliver this steamer of an article. Today we’re talking about the NFL draft baby! More specifically, I’ll be talking about the biggest steals of the NFL draft. What teams got the most value out of their respective picks. I’m excited, you’re excited, let’s get into it.

WR-Ceedee Lamb, Dallas Cowboys, Rd 1-Pick 17

First up, Ceedee Lamb. Honestly, I hate “America’s team” and the fact that they got maybe the biggest value pick in the draft really bugs me. A projected top 5-8 pick in the draft, Ceedee Lamb fell, and as he did Jerry Jones’s eyes widened, and you could tell by Mike Mcarthy’s dumb smile they had just landed the absolute gem of the draft at pick 17. Ceedee lamb is the definition of a playmaker. The man averaged 11 yards after a catch in 2019 for christ’s sake! Pairing him with Amari Cooper on the other side, and Zeke in the backfield, the Cowboy’s offense is shaping up to be one of the most explosive offenses in the league on paper coming into the 2020-2021 NFL season.

10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

T-Josh Jones, Arizona Cardinals, Rd 3-Pick 72

Kyler Murray is going to be happy about this pick, his team just landed my highest-rated tackle in the draft. How Josh Jones slid into the third round I’ll never know. Why the Packers didn’t take him and instead drafted a running back even though we already have two, I’ll never know. What I do know is, Josh Jones didn’t let up a sack last year. In fact, he didn’t even let up a hit on the quarterback. The scary part about that is, the man’s form isn’t even that great yet. When this guy figures it out, he’s going to dominate. Turn on live PD ladies and gentlemen, because Arizona’s GM, Steve Kiem just got away with highway robbery. 

Edge Rusher-Curtis Weaver, Miami Dolphins Rd 5-Pick164

From a value standpoint, this was just the right choice to put on this list. Do I think Curtis Weaver is the most spectacular pass rusher in the draft? No, no I do not, but the man is a first-round talent. If he fell into the late second I was going to be shocked, but to fall to the 5th round is a bit absurd. As a GM who’s not the Miami Dolphins “HEY, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!”. Edge rushers are a commodity in this league. This guy would start for A LOT of teams. To get him in the 5th round is just ridiculous value. When Miami’s actually good in about 4 years and everyone wonders “how did that happen?” picks like this one will come up.

10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

CB-Kristian Fulton, Tennessee Titans, Rd 2-Pick 61

The NFL Draft can be weird, I think most people had Fulton as a first-round talent. With some off the field issues that may have scared teams away, he fell in the draft and the Titans became the beneficiaries of that. Fulton has been one of the best corners in the country the past two years at LSU and the Titans secure a solid No. 2 corner going forward. 

10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

TE-Harrison Bryant, Cleveland Browns, Rd 4-Pick 115

Harrison Bryant won the Mackey Award for the nation’s best TE last season. Many people had him going higher in the draft than a 4th round selection. With over 1000 yards and 7 TD’s last season, the Browns pick up another good weapon in the value rounds of the draft. New coach Kevin Stefanski utilizes his TE’s quite a lot so look for this 4th rounder to possibly make some plays early on in his career.

10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

WR-Jerry Judy, Denver Broncos, RD 1-Pick 15

I think I was as shocked as anyone to see Judy fall as far as 15. Similar to other star wideout, Ceedee Lamb, Judy could have been a top 5-8 pick in the draft. I had the two wideouts rated very similarly talent-wise but wasn’t surprised when Gruden chose Judy’s speedier teammate Henry Ruggs over Judy. That being said, for Denver to pick up Judy at 15 is a major steal. With Courtland Sutton on the other side of the field, I think Denver’s only question should be “Can Drew Lock get these guys the ball?” If he can, then Denver could be a solid team this year. 

10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

CB Trevon Diggs, Chicago Bears, Rd 2-Pick 51

Diggs, a former WR turned DB at Alabama, was rated on many draft boards as a first-round pick. Getting first-round talent with a second-round pick will add a nice addition to a Bears defense that went from dominant to just good last year. I think the Bears had one of their better drafts this year. They had a few steals that lined up for them nicely. 

10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

C Tyler Biadasz, Dallas Cowboys, Rd 4- Pick 146

The Cowboys traded up in the 4th round to secure themselves a new center. The Cowboys liked the last Badger center they drafted, Travis Fredrick, and now that he’s retiring they’re getting another great one. The Cowboy’s organization is great at developing offensive lineman and they got a guy they could turn into a star. This guy has been leading the way for Jonathan Tayler the past few years. We’ve seen this time after time, Wisconsin pumps out offensive lineman and running backs just as good as anybody else in the nation. Tyler Biadasz was a steal. 

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10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

WR Donovan Peoples-Jones, Cleveland Browns, Rd 6-Pick 10

I think this guy fell because Michigan hasn’t seen a great quarterback play this past year. I watch a lot of the Big Ten, and I think this kid can play. To get him in the 6th round is a gem of a pick. I do think Cleavland has almost too much wide receiver talent, so I’m not sure how often he will see the ball, but nonetheless, they got a great talent late in the draft which is always valuable. Plus, what a great last name for a jersey.  

10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

QB Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers, Rd 1-Pick 26

The most controversial pick in the draft happens when the Packers draft a quarterback who may be the successor to Aaron Rodgers. The King of Wisconsin, Mr. Statefarm, Stephen A. Smith’s BAAAAAAAD MAN of a quarterback. That Aaron Rodgers? Yes, that Aaron Rodgers. I think the national media and Packers fans, myself included, collectively dropped their jaws at the pick. Now that I’ve had some time to think about the pick, we may see the next great QB be developed in front of our very eyes. A lot of people didn’t like the Aaron Rodger’s pick when it happened, and those people look stupid now. I’m interested to see what happens with Jordan Love, and I don’t care if you’re mad he made the list. It’s my list , and I’ll put who I want on it. Jordan Love will be an animal, a preseason god to the likes we’ve never seen. And when the day comes, he will take Aaron Rodgers workload in stride and the Packers will win 5 more Super Bowls. 

10 Steals From The NFL 2020 Draft

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