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10 Starkville Date Ideas to Try Around MSS

10 Starkville Date Ideas to Try Around MSS

Have you met someone new? Or have you and your significant other have been together for a while and you’ve found yourself in Starkville? No matter when you and your guy/girl got together, you’re going to go out sometimes, right? If only there was a list of the best dates to go on while in Starkville….. I wonder where you could find one of those…. Hint: keep reading for ten Starkville date ideas!

1. The Refuge

The National Wildlife Refuge, most commonly known as “The Refuge”, is a dream date for any time of the year. You can hike, climb, walk, or even hang your hammock. With over 42,000 acres of beautiful scenery and wildlife to be seen and appreciated, it is great for getting to know someone. If you’re looking for a casual date with a bit of get-to-know-you and a hint of romance, this is the place to go.



2. Hammock Hangout

The is an “anywhere” kind of date. Do you have a hammock? Whether it’s an Eno, a Tribe, or a Hobo, any double-nest hammock will do for a snuggly kind of date! In Starkville, there are various parks and tree areas to use, and even a few places on campus. A couple of trees are on the left side of Swalm hall off the drill field that are ideal for night hammock-ing. Or maybe you could try some trees that are on the pathway to the Lloyd Ricks Watson building. No matter where you go, you can take this date wherever you want to be!


3. Picnic On the Drill

The Drill is a wide open space, plenty of room to plop down a blanket and open some Tupperware full of your favorite foods. Whether you have sandwiches or potato salad (or both), you can have a good time lying on the blanket and enjoying the sunshine and each other.


4. 80’s Movie Night

This is one of my favorites! Got a TV and a laptop top hook up to it? Pop in “Breakfast Club”. Maybe you can find “Sixteen Candles” on Netflix. Either way, a good 80’s movie and some popcorn can be described as a “chill” date.

5. Doggie Date

Oktibbeha County Humane Society has plenty of animals that need loving, and those adorable little faces are so hard to resist! So grab your girl/guy and volunteer for a day of fun and cuteness, while also giving back to the community.



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6. Dorm dining

Are you a good cook? Even if you’re not, why not try a new recipe? Some dorms have kitchens on each floor, and that gives you the perfect opportunity to cook with your sweetheart. It’ll give you a chance to get to know one another and how you work around the kitchen. Flirting over spaghetti or chicken Alfredo might just heat up the romance between you two.


7. Campus concerts

Whether you and your date have the same music tastes or you just want to introduce him/her to one of your favorite artists, concerts are a casual and stress-free date. One of the great things about Mississippi State is that people travel all over and sometimes we snag great artists. Have not-so-popular tastes? You still might get lucky. Last year, one of my favorite artists just so happened to be coming to campus: ZZ Ward, someone that you don’t hear on the radio very often. Also, some artists have twitter contests before their show, that’s how my date and I got backstage passes to meet ZZ! Keep an eye out for ads around campus and order your tickets early!

8. Game day!

One of the many treats of Starkville is to be able to see our Bulldogs play. Whether you’ve been together for a while or this is a first date, hitting up the Davis Wade for some maroon and white pride is exciting and loads of fun. See you at the Junction!

9. Skate date

Personally, I love to skate. Luckily, we have “Skate Odyssey” in Starkville! Grab your boo for a chill date and roll into romance. Don’t forget your socks and your balancing skills!


10. Books & Your Babe

Are you a book lover? What about your significant other? Hit up your local book store, I suggest Book Mart & Café, and do a little searching. You can play little games, like read one line of ten random books and string them together for an off-the-wall story. Or you can write little notes and leave them in random books. What about picking a book for each other and sitting down to read them? There are tons of opportunities for getting to know someone and seeing if you have similar tastes when in a book store!

Do you have any Starkville date ideas? Share and comment below!
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