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10 Stages Of Registering For Classes At UCLA

10 Stages Of Registering For Classes At UCLA


We can all relate to the nightmare of a process registering for classes can be. From horrible enrollment times to the school’s website crashing, it’s never an easy situation. Here are the 10 stages of registering for classes at UCLA.

1. Getting your crappy enrollment pass time.

It’s always bad.

2. Asking your friends what pass times they got.

You can’t help but think, are they ALL bad?! But when you do find that one friend with a good time slot, you can’t help but covet them deeply.


3. Setting a reminder for your enrollment pass.

I might as well wake up and attempt to find a relevant class.

4. Missing your reminder.

Not again.

5. Logging onto MyUCLA to find that your pass isn’t actually active yet.

How does this happen? This website has something against us.


6. Hating MyUCLA.


7. Finding that all your classes have closed.

How will I ever complete my degree?

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8. Settling for that barely relevant 8 a.m. lecture.

So you’re telling me I’m about to take a class on dinosaurs? But I’m an English major. Makes sense; see you bright and early.


9. Hating your schedule.

Does anyone ever actually like their schedule? If so, please advise.

10. Coming to terms with your schedule.

Sometimes, acceptance is the only way to cope.

Can you relate to these stages of registering for classes at UCLA? Comment below!

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