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10 Stages of Registering for Classes at Fredonia State University

10 Stages of Registering for Classes at Fredonia State University

Now you might think that registering for classes is a breeze, oh how wrong you are.  My school is probably different than most, but in order to register you have to meet with your advisor to talk about the classes you want to take and if you have a good one they will give you super helpful advice; if not…good luck.  Anyways, here are the 10 stages of registering for classes at Fredonia State University.

1. Waiting to get an email from your advisor.

You basically play the waiting game until your advisor decides to email you.


2. When you do get that email you better sign up, and fast.

If you want to reserve a good time, and if you want more than a half hour to talk to your advisor then you better get your butt to their office (or onto a computer if your advisor uses google calendar),  to sign up.  Once that email goes out you really should make an appointment ASAP or go the next day because if you wait too long you won’t have many times to choose from.


3. You have the email and signed up with your advisor, now you just need classes to come out.

Again, this is a waiting game.  You are constantly checking and asking friends if they know when classes come out so that you can start making your schedule.  Honestly, the sooner you get it done and over with the better.

4. The nightmare that is making your schedule.

This has to be the worst part, but that is only my opinion.  Some people love making their schedule because we get to be in charge of what timeS our classes are.  But, since I am an education major, classes aren’t exactly in my favor.  You might need to take certain classes that end up being at the same time, which can cause the making of your schedule to be stressful and all together a nightmare.

5. Making sure you have everything, and I mean everything prepared for that meeting.

You have to have your folder with your classes in it as well as the CRN numbers (these are the class numbers).  If you don’t have those, your adviser will make sure that you never forget them again!  You also need to make sure that you have a lot of back up classes, (as many as 3 or 4) just in case the classes you want fill up.


6. Hoping you get a good time and day to register.

Once you get that card from your advisor, the first thing you will probably do is check to see what time and day you have to register.  Then you will talk to your friends to see what time and day they received to register, and if they ended up getting a better day or time than you, you can’t help but say how unfair that is.

7. Checking the time and day that you are registering.

When you check the time and day that you can register, you can only hope that the time you have isn’t during one of your classes.  If it is, I guess you are bringing everything you need to register to that class!

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8. That card is basically your whole life in your hands.

Remember the card I mentioned that you get? Yeah that little piece of paper is basically your life in your hands.  If you lose it you are S.O.L, and you better find it because if you can’t, you will have to go to the registrar’s office; let me tell you, they are not too happy that you are there if you lost it.

9. Watching the classes you want get filled up before your eyes.

In today’s world, the days of registering are according to your class standing and credits.  This means the seniors go first, then the juniors, and so on.  Because of this, if you are a sophomore or freshman, you are constantly checking the classes you want to take.  This adds to the stress because if a class you want to take is filling up, you may just have to accept the fact that you are probably not going to get into that class.


10. Stressing out when it’s close to the time that you were given, but relieved that it’s done.

Now that it is the day you are registering, you need to make sure you have everything that you need.  This includes your card (it has a number you put in in order for you to register) the CRNs (you enter all of them in and submit them) and a computer.  As it gets close to that time, you are prepared and stressed because you need to get into these classes, so you have everything laid out and prepared.  Once the time hits and you submit all of those numbers and you get into all of the classes you wanted, a weight is lifted off your shoulders.


Basically registering, (depending on your majoris like the hunger games in a way.  You hope that you get the classes you want so that you can get the schedule that you spent lots of time making.  All I have to say is, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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