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10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

With fall officially upon us, the time for lattes, sweaters, movie nights and jack-o-lanterns is here! What better way to get ready for the season than by swapping those summer jams for a more festive soundtrack? Whatever the situation, there’s a playlist that will put you in the mood for fall and you won’t even have to dig through the thousands of playlists out there.

Here are ten Spotify playlists for every autumnal event in you calendar!

10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

1. Songs to Compliment Your Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Coffee Shop Indie PlaylistThink about sitting in a cozy coffee shop with your favorite seasonal drink in your hand. Bring that atmosphere home with you as you brew your own drink and head to the couch to chill out on a windy Saturday morning. Or maybe you’re traveling but want that familiar intimate vibe. Either way, put your headphones in and try your best not to forget you aren’t in a Starbucks. 

10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

2. Songs for Studying

Study Zone Playlist: Stuck in the library or at your desk all afternoon? Get lost in the music and power through the work you have to do with this chill playlist of soft pop and acoustic favorites. The time seems to pass so much faster when you break it down into how many songs have played.

10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

3. Songs for Colorful Leaf Road Trips

Road Trip Weekend Playlist:  Who else loves driving down back roads looking at all the beautiful leaves as they begin to change colors? Red, yellow, orange and brown are the quintessential colors of an East Coast autumn. What better way to enjoy a scenic drive than with your favorite songs playing in the background. Put this playlist on to add to the magic.

10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

4. Songs for Curling Up with a Book

Autumn Leaves Playlist: Maybe it’s raining or just a tad too chilly out. Maybe you just found the best novel of the year, no decade, and just can’t put it down. Pull that blanket closer and prop your feet up for an awesome night at home. This playlist will definitely give you all the cozy vibes as you fade into the world of your book.10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

5. Songs for S’mores and Bonfires

Bonfire Chills Playlist: Hanging out in the backyard with friends with a big fire going and the smell of chocolate and marshmallows roasting always takes me back to childhood. What goes better with crackling fire and laughter than the perfect playlist? Let this be the soundtrack to your memories as you get together for good times this fall.

10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

6. Songs for Dinner at Your Place

Folk Feast Playlist: Nothing is better about fall than all the amazing recipes. Pumpkin, apple, spices and so many comfort foods and desserts are officially back on the menu. Unwind while you cook and eat with family and friends this season with this playlist in the background. It will give you all the rustic and warm feels.

10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

7. Songs for Crisp Mornings

Morning Stroll Playlist: So I’m admittedly not a fan of waking up and leaving my warm bed for the brisk autumn air, but this playlist will make it so much easier. Channel your energy with this gentle wakeup that will set you up for the rest of the day. Even if it’s not light outside yet, you can’t help but feel like the day is starting off on the right foot. 

10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

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8. Songs for the Drive Home

Songs to Sing in the Car Playlist:  Driving home when it starts getting dark earlier can be exhausting. After a long day when your eyes are heavy, lift your spirit with these popular songs that will keep you focused on getting home to the couch before you doze off. And who knows, maybe singing along to your favorite jams will help knock the frustration of a hard day off by the time you pull into the driveway. 

10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

9. Songs for the Halloween Enthusiast

Halloween Monster Jams Playlist: Does anyone really outgrow the fun of Halloween? I’m saying no. This playlist is a great mix of fun and classic Halloween jams that everyone can sing and dance along to whether you’re five years old or a junior in college. Even if you’re just throwing a big Halloween bash, this playlist will definitely get you ready for Halloween.

10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

10. Songs to Zen-Out to

Autumn Acoustic Playlist: This playlist is for everyone. The gentle acoustic songs will help you relax and unwind the way you deserve every night. Turn it on as soon as you get home or as you treat yourself to a bath for the ultimate relaxation experience. It will make you feel good and might even play some of your older favorite jams. 

10 Spotify Playlists Perfect For Fall

Follow these playlists on Spotify to fully get into the spirit of fall. Whether you’re already living in your boots and sweaters or have had your Halloween costume for months, these playlists offer the perfect soundtrack for all who are ready to leave summer behind before the snowy months arrive.

And if you want more recommendations, Spotify has other awesome playlists titled for fall too!

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