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10 Space Saving Dorm Tips for University of Iowa Students

Back-to school is gradually sneaking up on us, which means that as a first year college student, you are getting ready to leave the comfort of the nest. News flash: you are about to move into a room that’s the size of a shoebox. Yes, this will be an adjustment, considering you’re going to have much less space to fit all your possessions. If the thought of parting with your cherished belongings from home gives you a mini heart attack, stop worrying! With these 10 space-saving dorm tips for the University of Iowa, you can maximize the space in your small dorm room. You won’t even have to leave behind your favorite sweater!

1. Command hooks.

Since the university’s housing regulations don’t allow drilling holes into the walls, these little hooks will become your saving grace. Command hooks are easy to use, and do not damage walls. They can be used to hang anything from scarfs to towels, jackets, keys, jewelries, purses, and even wall decorations.

2. Under bed storage.

If you choose to raise your bed, this will create so much space in your room that you can take advantage of. The space created underneath your bed can be used to stow plastic bins and crates. Ensure that you get a bin that can fit underneath without any hassle. In these bins, you can place your seasonal outfits, extra sheets, cleaning supplies, etc.


3. Shelves.

A shelving unit is the perfect choice when looking to neatly display your items while still keeping everything organized. Shelving units can be used to store books, food, clothes or photos. There’s so much that can be done with shelves; for example, adding bins and boxes can make them even more attractive. Or, you could choose to place the shelf over your bed to maximize the space as much as possible.

4. Closet space.

Your closet is going to be your number one storage spot. Although the space of your closet in college might not be half the size of what you have at home, there’s so much you can still do with it. You might want to consider getting a hanging shelf. This hangs from your closet and is very inexpensive. You can place your shoes in them or whatever clothing item suits you. Another option is to purchase stackable hangers to create room for more clothes. You can never go wrong with plastic drawers or stacking shelves even though a dresser is already provided. You can place smaller clothing articles like socks, or any other small items in these.

To free up space in your closet, try as much as possible to only have clothes that you’re wearing that season. Too many unnecessary clothes create clutter, so an option could be to use plastic bins to store the clothes you don’t currently need under your bed, or you could get vacuum storage bags to keep your clothes as compressed as possible- this will save so much space. Although it hurts to leave that sparkly shoe you really wanted to bring with you, you really can’t bring everything you own with you. Instead, switch things out each time you go home.

5. Desk space.

Each student gets their own desk, and you can literally stow whatever you want in them since they’re quite spacious. In order to ensure you’re maximizing as much of the desk as possible, get a lamp that has compartments to store stationery, or get a container to reduce the clutter on the desk and save space in the desk drawers. With the desk drawers empty, you’ll have room to store your makeup, school books, extra stationery and some snacks.

6. Over the door racks.

For more space in your closet, a great item to get is a door rack. You can choose to invest in either a hanging shoe shelve or an over-the-door shoe rack. For more space, opt for the shoe rack as it provides more space than a shoe rack. Also, if you decide that you don’t want to use it as a shoe rack, you can use it to small items like all the sweet snacks you plan to stock your room with.

7. Storage ottoman.

A storage ottoman is one of the best things you can get for your dorm room. You can enjoy the benefits of comfortable seating and storage space for a decent price which is an absolutely win-win situation. You can fill the space underneath with literally anything you want – like magazines, cleaning supplies, blankets, etc.

8. Space above microwave or refrigerator.

There’s a chance that you have either a microwave or a refrigerator in your dorm, or even both. You can use the top as a place to put things on (preferably food items or kitchen supplies). To double the space, you can opt to place the items in a plastic bin or small plastic stacking drawers.


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9. Bed organizer caddy.

If you find yourself stuck on the top bunk, unfortunately you won’t have access to a night stand. A bed organizer caddy will come in handy as you can store a few things that you might always need like headphones, remote, glasses etc.

10. Fold-up laundry bag.

Although this might be a little different from the other saving tips, a fold up laundry bag will save you space as you can easily stow it away when not in use.

Now that you have all these tips under your belt, maximizing your dorm space will be a breeze.

Do you have any other space-saving dorm tips for University of Iowa? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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