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10 Songs that Went Viral in 2021

2021 certainly has been one year that we can say was our rebound year from bouncing back from the horrible year of 2020. One thing that we can all agree on in 2021 is that this year brought out the music in us. So before we can call 2021 a wrap, here are the top 10 songs that went viral for this year. 

1.No More Parties

When it comes to describing her music status, Coi Leray wants to set the record straight that she is not a rapper, but rather an artist. Her musical talent was seen when her number one track “No More Parties” earned her a spot on the billboard for best songs of the year not to mention that the track went both platinum and gold. So when someone mentions they are about to “Pull up in that ooo ohhh”, they love partying to Coi Leray.

2. Too Easy

Remember playing that one video game when we’re kids and you could just beat each level after the next with little effort? If you could, Gunna and Future touched upon this thought with their newest track “Too Easy”. The display and feel of this song make you feel like you are living in that video game experience. But really when it comes to seeing who can be more of a mac with women, in their eyes it’s just too easy.

3. Whoopty

There is nothing better than that one track that has the right amount of beats with a little Spanish background feeling. Rapper CJ’s track “Whoopty” went viral in March for being a song that incorporated both the aspects of Hip-Hop and Spanish Bachata dancing in the song. So if you are in the club and want to hit that Chata, Whoopty well make you hit all the right moves!

4. Before I Go

As soon as the word hit the media that Kodak Black was finally returning home from his time in jail, the young rapper wasted no time getting right back into the studio to work on some new tracks. Right after his release, Kodak teamed up with the newest trap singer Rod Wave where the two of them teamed up on their track “Before I Go” where kodak Black puts out into his lyrics what was going on in his head before he had to leave behind everyone who he cared about when he had to go to jail.

5. Girls Want Girls

Drake aka Mr. OVO has been making a solid reputation of being a symbol for touching the hearts of women all around the world. His biggest breakthrough was his newest album Certified Lover Boy which was released this fall and in less than a week, this album reached sales up to Michael Jackson’s level of popularity. Out of all the songs that were bangers on this album, “Girls want Girls” seemed to have gone the furthest. Drake touches on the idea of how a woman in today’s generation should not have to feel tied down by gender codes to look good in society. What can I say, when it comes to the ladies, Drake is the Certified Lover Boy.

6. Hurricane

Following off of Drake’s album sales, Kanye has also made a breakthrough in making the best tracks. His latest album Donda which Kanye dedicated to his deceased mother was released just a few weeks before Drake’s CLB album and in less than 24 hours, the streams on Spotify went over millions from this album. Of all the tracks, his most recognizable is his track “Hurricane”. Kanye touches on this track with a trap R&B style having features from other artists on this track such as Lil Baby and The Weekend. Overall, this song is a new wave of rap style.

7. Back in Blood

When it comes to that Chicago rap style Pooh Shiesty and Lil Durk are all about having a reputation for their city. Pooh Shiesty made his music debut when he got a feature with Lil Durk for their track “Back in Blood” where the two Chicago rappers go in on what it means to pay up any type of debt you got, and if you don’t have the cash there going to get it back in blood. When it comes to being a rich G, Chicago rappers are all about that life.

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8. Industry Baby

From an old-time country road singer to now a mutli recording artist, Lil Nas X has been making the most of himself this year. Other than being seen as a symbol for what it means to be young and showing off your pride as a member of the LGBTQ community. Lil Nas X has stepped up his game in the music industry where he teamed up with his best friend Jack Harlow where these two made one of the biggest tracks of the year “Industry Baby”. The two artists go in on this song explains how there are always haters putting them down, but no matter what, you just got to do the best you can to clap back at them by ignoring the negativity. That’s what it means to be an Industry Baby.

9. Wild Side

If you are looking for the best female R&B and rap duo, the Normani and Cardi B would be the two to look out for. Cardi B has been in the rap industry for almost 5 years now and she recently was featured on Normani’s single “Wild Side”. This song has just the right amount of smooth singing melodies with an edgy hip-hop cover.

10. Wockesha

It’s the songs that are usually remixed off of legendary artists that make the biggest sales. Moneybagg Yo and his track “Wockesha” made of of the biggest music sales from trending challenges on Tik Tok to having soo many streams on apple music. What makes this soo special is that this song’s beat was originally made off of The Notorious BIG and Ashanti’s’ track unfoolish.

2021 certainly has been that one year of allowing us to start fresh especially with some new fire tracks by some of the best artists. What was your favorite song of 2021? Let me know in the comments below.

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