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10 Songs Millennials would know

10 Songs Millennials would know

When it comes to the beginning of the 21st century, millennials have been the biggest inspiration when it comes to being music, fashion, and trendsetters. Here are 10 songs back in the day that millennials will automatically know when played. 

1. Lollipop (Lil Wayne)

If there was a person whose style, we tried to imitate back when we were in middle school, it was Li Wayne. Even though he gets a lot of revenue from his endorsement deals with other companies, his song “Lollipop” released back in 2008 had that flow and style whereas young kids, we just loved hearing. Now, of course, as kids, we did not even know what Li Wayne was talking about when mentioning the word Lollipop. But as grown adults, yeah, we know exactly what he means! This song relates to us as adults now.

2. Buy you a Drink (T-Pain)

As kids, we don’t know anything about drinking alcohol, but if we learned how, we got it from listening to T-Pain and his song “Buy you a Drink”. If you ask me, this song is specifically made for millennials today because now that we are adults what is the first thing that we want to do when we see a pretty woman and the bar and we want to get her attention? We’re going to remember what we learned from T-Pain as a kid and buy her a drink and hopefully, we will get lucky in the end!As adults, we understand the song more when it comes to shooting our shot


3. Look at me Now (Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Flo Rida)

Now that we went from little kids to teenagers, there were a few songs that influenced us into understanding edgy dance trends. Back in 2011, “Look at me Now” was pretty much the song of the year where it incorporated a different style of R&B singing and fast-paced rap. This song was so good at the time, it started the Look at Me Now challenge on social media where kids show off their skilled dance moves to this song. This song has the best rap flow

4. Cake (Chris Brown & Rhianna)

It’s so funny how a lot of songs that we loved as kids had so many adult references in them, we could not pick them up immediately. Chirs Brown and Rihanna’s track “Cake” released in 2012 was letting us guys know that when we are with that one girl we like, all that we can think about is letting us eat that special piece of cake! This song lets us know that we want to get it on.

5. Baby (Justin Bieber & Ludacris) 

Ok, if we are talking about a song that sounds very cheesy looking back at it now, Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” was all that you would hear for the entire year of 2010. As kids, it did not take long for us to understand this song considering we were at the young age of what it meant to feel like when we’re starting to catch feelings for someone. Now I won’t lie, as teenagers at that time, we guys hated Justin for getting the center of attention when it came to getting girls. But as an adult, I can understand that the man was just doing his thing. This was the song of 2010.


6. Snap Yo Fingers (Lil Jon)

If there was a song that acted as a banger to get people out of their seats and hit the dance floor at the club, it was Li Jon’s song “Snap Yo Fingers”. This song kind of had the goofy flow of old-school hip-hop. The dance routine of this song is not that difficult. As it goes by its name, this song involves the movement of a finger from the tip to the base of the thumb on the same hand. With a dance routine, it is no wonder why we were doing this trend at such a young age. This song will make you snap to the rhythm

7. Crank That (Soulja Boy) 

It’s 2008, spring break in Miami Beach and everyone is wearing big and baggy clothes and snapbacks. The song to turn up to at that time was “Crank That”. Soulja Boy made this track that appealed to kids at the time as a way to let loose and turn up. So, when you’re in the club and you hear Yoooooooo, you’re about to go back in time to a different generation of hip-hop dance trends. This song defines 2008.

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8. Confessions Part 1 & 2 (Usher)

Even as kids, our parents made sure to expose us to music that has soul and meaning so that were adults, trying to understand relationships is a lot to take in at one time. This song is so amazing, it had us as kids singing about confessing our true feeling to a woman. I won’t lie, at that time I didn’t know what Usher was talking about, but as an adult it all makes sense. That is one unique thing about music from millennial’s time. Artists were looking out for their fans by teaching them something that will be very useful in their future. This song taught us about love and relationships at a very young age.

9. Apple Bottom Jeans (Flo Rida & T-Pain)

When it came to wanting to be that one bad-looking woman in the club, all you have to do is wear some “Apple Bottom Jeans” and you’ll have every guy turning his head you pass by. Flo Rida and T-Pain made this song letting young women know that if you want to be the center of attention, all you have to do is through on a pair of apple bottom jeans with boots and fur. This song would let you know you were the baddest in the club.

10. BedRock (Young Money)

If there was a time where rap music appealed to more than just one race, age, and gender, “Bedrock” was the song to vibe out to. This song is for those who listened to artists such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne before they made hits as solo artists. If anything, this song is specifically meant for millennials who appreciate artist music before they made it big. This song was the definition of a millennial


Most kids today think that modern-day millennials are just clueless adults who don’t know what real music is. When really, songs that are recognized by millennials serve as the steps for artists today. What was your favorite song growing up as a millennial? Let me know in the comments below.