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10 Songs That Define Your First Semester of College

10 Songs That Define Your First Semester of College

Eric Church said it best: “Every melody sounds like a memory.” The first semester of college comes slowly but is gone in a blink of an eye. You are officially free to live your life without your parents for the first time. The memories made and lessons learned at this time are all connected to the people around you that you have grown with, laughed with, and loved. There are now certain songs or melodies that will forever take you back to a place in time. Every song has a story, but these 10 songs in particular are songs that define your first semester of college.

1. Breakeven, The Script

You are late for your test at 8 am, you have an essay due at midnight, hours of math homework, and three different meetings for three different organizations that you have joined. You most likely felt like you were “still alive but barely breathing” more then once during the first semester.


2. Dixieland Delight, Alabama

This is your classic “Tailgate” song that never goes out of style. It’s on the tailgate playlist, the stadium playlist, the pledge party playlist, and played by every cover band known to man. It’s also your cue to start swing dancing. But hey, no one is complaining.


3. Reflections, MisterWives

This time of year is a time of self reflection. MisterWives hits home with this song. First semester was a transition into a new world with new people and new things. As you were moving on from high school you probably stopped every now and then to think about how fast everything and every one was changing. The song is a friendly reminder that some things and people are better left in your past.

4. Love Yourself, Justin Bieber

During the first semester of college especially, you need to learn to love yourself and only do whatever is in YOUR best interest. The first generation of Bieber fans still support him in our college years as he made a comeback with his new album. Rumor has it that even the guys of our Bieber fan generation like this album. It is safe to say that Biebs has stolen our hearts more than One Time.

5. My House, Flo Rida

This is the song that defines walking into your first college party (or frat party in particular) and being in awe of whoever’s “house” is hosting such a glorious time.


6. Trap Queen, Fetty Wap

This is the song you listen to while getting ready with your friends before your night out. Fetty Wap absolutely nails the “night out” vibe in this song. This radio hit is guaranteed to be on a playlist at some time of the night. It probably was your “favorite song” too.


7. Jordan Belfort, Wes Walker, Dyl

This is the song that sums up anything during your first semester at college that you had a love-hate relationship with. The accessibility to unhealthy dining hall food options? The professor who is really interesting but is a harsh grader? At some point during first semester you probably questioned if this song was left on replay or if it was playing for the first time that night. It makes the cut because of the love hate relationship we all have with it.

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8. Wagon Wheel, Old Crow Medicine Show

This is the song you smile at and listen to when you know that despite being in a new place with new people, everything is going to be OK. Wagon wheel always starts the chain of swing dancing anywhere. The cover band may not be as good as Old Crow Medicine Show, but the song itself makes up for their absence.

9. Your Love, The Outfield

This song represents the feeling of utter loss for all of you who left your boyfriend or girlfriend back at home in high school. Is it true when they say absence makes the heart grow fonder?

10. Somebody, Natalie La Rose, Jeremih

Last but not least, Somebody will always remind you of the people that you danced, laughed, cried, and grew up with during your first few months on your own.


It is safe to say that these melodies are connected with memories that will always have the power to take you right back to a place in time no matter where your life may take you.

What are some other songs that define your first semester of college? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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