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10 Snacks You Need For Studying

10 Snacks You Need For Studying

10 Snacks For Your Next Cram Session

With finals coming up, you’ve got some serious cramming to do. Nothing turns around a study session more than some snacks to keep you going. You need all your essentials, salty, sweet, hot, and chocolatey. Here’s 10 must have snacks for your test taking needs.

1. Limon Hot Cheetos

Hot Cheeto snacks bring back so many memories of getting out of class and running to the gas station next door to buy some limon hot. The nostalgia this snack brings back is insane. This was the ultimate study session snack that made me excited to open up my book. I always related studying to snacking my entire college career. Studying for class is always a drag for people, but what made it worth it was knowing you had something to look forward to. Make sure you carry around a water bottle with this snack. It will surely leave your mouth tingling a little.


2. Gummy Worms

Gummy worms are every little kid’s favorite snack. Truth is, we’re all still little kids on the inside. Gummy worms or gummy anything make people feel warm inside after every chew. It brings out a happy memory that in return changes your mood for studying. You’re now happy to study because you are motivated to keep enjoying your snack. We have to keep finding ways to make our study habits seem enjoyable otherwise we’ll never want to get anything done. Gummies aren’t exactly brain food, but cut yourself a break. Whatever works to keep you going should count for something.


3. Trail Mix

Mix it up with this salty, sweet snack. Trail Mix is essential to the study session routine. Most people don’t have time to sit and have a meal during their break. Every minute counts and you have to be able to cram as much as you can before class. Trail Mix is a great alternative to most junk food. For my salty lovers, this is for you. Some people aren’t huge fans of the generic study snacks the schools offer. Your cravings are a little more tailored. Trail Mix provides you with something for everyone. You get a little of everything: peanuts, m&ms, and sometimes raisins which we usually just pick out. Grab a handful and write away. Get your mind flowing as you eat and you’ll be surprised how much you get done.

4. Popcorn

Popcorn isn’t just a movie time snack. It’s a study entree for the busy college student you are. Popcorn is a delicious, fast time snack. Most study areas offer a place to warm up your food. Some even offer a vending machine on each food. Seek out your buttery snack and find a quiet place. I always liked sitting on the top floor in the library towards the corners. It was quiet, but not completely isolated from everyone else. Find a space that suits your style, and lay back. Take a break every now and then remembering to enjoy your snacks throughout your mental study prep process. 


5. Pringles

The convenience of these tasty snacks is that you can enjoy now and you can seal for later. Pringles are always a good choice to fulfill your snacking needs. These savory crisps come with different flavors to target everyone of your tastebuds. At my college, we had study pods you could rent out 2 hours at a time. I looked forward to those two hours because it was my alone time. I enjoyed the idea of having a set time to enjoy my food and get some work done. Something that any college student could benefit from. Set some time aside to really knock out some work!


6. Little Bites

Delicious flavor in every bite! These mini cupcakes will have you in snack heaven. I used to love sneaking these into class to keep my stomach from moaning. Little Bites come in their own individual packs, easy to grab on the go. If you’re someone that enjoys tasty mini pastries, grab a box next time you’re out. This is a snack that will definitely keeps your stomach happy during study hour. I usually set a timer for myself. I push myself to read or write a certain amount and then I reward myself with a treat. Having that incentive that a prize is at the end of a chapter will push you to continue completing tasks.

7. Chocolate Bars

Who doesn’t love a chocolate bar during a stressful time? Studying can become really stressful and time consuming. You only have a couple hours to get through pages of homework and essays. You’re going to need to develop a mindset that makes you calm. Chocolate bars may not seem like the healthiest snacks to eat, but they do provide some benefits. Chocolate improves your focus. It helps to simulate parts of your brain like memory and learning, improving its function. Chocolate also contains a small dose of caffeine to keep you alert.

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8. Oreos

Treat yourself to an Oreo snack. Oreos have a long history of being the comfort food for anxiety-filled times. Something you  may not know, Oreos are vegan friendly foods. This snack alone doesn’t exclude anyone out. It can be enjoyed by everyone at your next potluck study session. Make it a set event. Try to schedule out at least one a month to join your friends in a group study. Bring all your favorite snacks and enjoy them together as you help each other ace college!


9.  Granola Bar

If you’re looking to go the healthy route, granola bars are your savior. A granola bar is a great study snack. They keep you feeling comfortable until your next meal comes and they’re easy to come by. I’d usually away pack a granola bar on my way out because of my insane hunger during my study period. The thought of studying alone had me starving, so I now always make sure i’m packing something. If you can relate, be smart and pack your bar!


10. Pretzels

Salt snacks for my savory lovers! Pretzels are a favorite among college students. They set a new standard for snacks that eliminates basic food like chips and candy. Pretzels are its own category and not everyone can be on their level. Just like other snacks, you can enjoy these on the go when walking from class to class and sitting down to write your paper. You don’t have to be 100% focused all the time. Leave some room you to breathe and enjoy your snacks. The work will get done and you’ll feel better about it.

Don’t waste your time thinking about when next your meal will be. Bring some snacks to study to get rid of this hunger blues. Check out our tasty snacks and let us know how we did!

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