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10 Small Businesses You Should Be Buying From For Your Pet

When it comes to spoiling our furry friends, you want to buy them more than just a squeaky toy from Target! You prefer something more meaningful that will capture both your personality and your pet’s in the things that you buy for them. From collars, leashes, bowls, and toys, small businesses are always creating products that will be special for your pet. Here are 10 pet small businesses you should be buying from for your pet!

1. MadeByCleo

If you visit your local Petsmart or Target, the collar selection for our feline friends is pretty slim especially if you are looking for something extra cute. Look no further than MadeByCleo on Etsy! You will be able to find almost any print or design that you are wanting for your cat at a good price and of great quality! 

This pet small business offers a large variety of charms to add on to collars and other ID tags to help identify your pet! A simple flower or bowtie can be added to show off the distinguished gentle-cat or lovely lady-cat in your life! 

2. StampedWithPassion

As pet owners, we never want to think about anything happening to our pets where we don’t know where they are. Things like this happened and the best thing to do is to be prepared! You can do this by tagging your pets with all of your info so that they can be returned home to you!

StampedWithPassion will help you in this step by creating a personalized tag for your pooch just in case they are ever found! With tons of design and size options, you will find the perfect tag for your pet’s collar. If you are looking for other personalized goods, this shop has your back!

3. UnleasedFurnitureCo

The thing about having a dog and their kennel are that the kennel can be super unsightly with the metal and definitely the size! This pet small business solves this problem for you by hand-making furniture that doubles as a functional piece for your home and your pet. No more struggles with collapsing the kennel to get it out of the way; you can now display the piece and enjoy the handcrafted piece of work. 

4. DrawYourPortrait

You already have your walls decorated with family portraits, so why not include your fur babies! This small Etsy show will bring your pet to paper with a hand-drawn, watercolor portrait that will accurately portray your pet’s personality. If you want more than a portrait to remember your pet, this shop has tons of options to put your picture of your pet on! From mugs to throw pillows, your pet’s fur won’t be the only thing on everything in your home!

5. HatataPets

As decor enthusiasts, we understand the struggle to keep your matching home decor with the bright colors of all the pet supplies you have! Maybe you don’t care about these little things, but maybe it makes you tick when you have to buy the bright pink plastic bowl for your cat when you swear by neutrals in your home!

HatataPets offers a large range of cat supplies that will match any home aesthetic while still being functional for your pet to enjoy! We love the fun bowls for your cat that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to incorporate into your decor. Check out their Etsy shop!

6. FluffClub

Life is too short for boring dog toys! Your doggy will for sure enjoy a new toy that incorporates both your interests and theirs. Maybe you can’t share a can of La Croix with your pup, but with FluffClub, you can share a can of Bark Croix! They might enjoy this more than your flavored seltzer. This pet small business has tons of toy options for your pup and you can even buy sets for your furry friend!

7. TagPup

Washington-based small business, TagPup has tons of collar selections for your pup to flaunt around on the daily walks. The fun doesn’t stop here as this pet small business has a selection of bandanas, leashes, and tags to show off on your pet!

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With over 50,000 sales, TagPup is practically an expert in creating the perfect collar for your four-legged companion to wear every day! You’ll be able to find something that matches your pup’s personality at this small shop by visiting them on Etsy!

8. WhiskersWorld

With our fur babies, half the fun is spoiling them like they are our own children! WhiskersWorld has everything you need to dress up your pet from sweaters and bandanas that can be easily personalized with your pet’s name! This pet small business also offers fun toys that your pet will absolutely love!

9. LayloPets

The next dog item that seems to get in the way is the giant dog bed in the middle of your living room! The boring pattern and dog bone don’t exactly match your decor or aesthetic either, making it a giant eyesore in your home! LayloPets seeks to offer a dog bed that is both stylish and cozy for your pet! Not only will this pet bed match with your decor a little bit more, but it also offers orthopedic comfort for your pet so they can get plenty of rest! Check out this business over on Etsy!

10. CatsMode

We can’t forget about our feline friends! They might be sneaky and devious, but they deserve the very best. Etsy shop, CatsMode has a large range of handmade, wooden cat furniture that your kitty will love to climb all day long. One of our faves from this shop is the handmade climbing cubes that can be hung on the walls for your cat to climb! The beautiful woodwork will match any of your decor while also giving your cat something to play on. Check out their shop!

Which shop are you going to be buying from for your pet? What is your favorite thing to buy your pet when they need a little extra treat? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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