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10 Skincare Products Every College Girl Needs

Perfect Skin. It’s what EVERY girl dreams of having. We can’t help but be jealous of girls with glowing, flawless skin (urgh!). You know those girls with the “no makeup” look or the “I woke up like this” look – yeah, must be nice. Well, while most of us may have to work a bit harder to achieve that doll-like facade, there are a few skincare products that can help get us there a little faster.  Below are some of my favorite skincare products that I think every college girl should try!

1. Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub

I swear by this skincare product – I’ve been using it since I was 16 years old (I’m 21). I use this product 2x a day, everyday. It will help clear your skin, it smells great and it will make your skin super soft – perfect for everyday use!

2. Clarisonic Mia 1 Sonic Cleansing Device

This product is AMAZING!! I HIGHLY recommend this or any Clarisonic Cleansing device! It is on the more expensive side, but it is totally worth it! It will clean and remove any dirt from your pores and your skin will be silky smooth! This item is another must have and great for everyday use!

3. The Body Shop Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask

Okay, I know I said it before, but this product is AMAZING! It’s my go to for occasions; girl’s night, a spa night to myself, or just when I feel like I need it. You will feel a slight tingle, but in a good way! Once you wash it off, your skin will feel so smooth, your pores will be minimized (YES!) and as a bonus, your skin will be “glowing.” Perfect for special occasions and weekly use!

4. Clarins Toning Lotion

For those with oily or dry skin, this item works magic! It refreshes your skin, doesn’t cause any redness, tightens pores AND makes your skin glow! Definitely use this one every day!

5. e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist and Set

This skincare product is awesome because the price point is unbeatable. Perfect as the last step in your makeup routine – this product hydrates and softens your skin, and the best part – sets your makeup into place!

6. The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

Want to feel like you just came from the Spa? Then this skincare product is for you! Your skin will be radiant and your complexion refreshed! A great product during exam week to give you a nice boost of confidence!

7. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Daily Peel

I love this product! I know I’m still young, but come on! Who isn’t afraid to get wrinkles and fine lines!?! I also love this item to reduce pores and help control breakouts. More on the expensive side, reserve this product for special occasions.

8. Spin for Perfect Skin

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I didn’t want to bring my expensive Clarisonic with me while travelling, so I purchased this cheaper option to tote along.  This alternative to the Clarisonic Cleansing Device is absolutely wonderful. It removes more dirt on your body and face than your loofah ever could!

9. Skin Inc. Skin Identity Test

This may differ for every person (there are 84 possible combinations), so be sure to pick the specific product that works for you through their website’s Skin Identity Test. The serum you will receive is customized exactly for your skincare needs, and it works like magic!

10. Philosophy Purity Made Simple

This is another favorite cleanser of mine! This cleanser tones and hydrates your skin, and if your ever run out of makeup remover, this works wonders!

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Chrismarie Carlos

Chrismarie is a Sociology and Biology major from Brock University. She plans to get her Master's and then go to Medical School. Chrismarie loves sports and she and her family are big fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Toronto Raptors and The Toronto Blue Jays. She also loves History, movies, travelling, planning/styling outfits, shopping, hanging with her friends and reading books about WWII and Ancient Egypt.

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