17 SJU Instagrammers You NEED To Follow

I’m sure your Instagram feed is already full of photos from your favorite celebrities. Then of course you have posts from friends and family back home, but have you taken the time to check out the Instagrams of your fellow Johnnies? There’s a whole lot of talent coming out of SJU, from fashion to comedy to photography, and these 17 SJU Instagrammers prove it.

A collaborative piece by: Moira Shannon and Ana Vicens


1. Igee Okafor (@igeeokafor)

A leader in men’s style, Igee Okafor is what you would call #goals. His Instagram not only showcases his personal style, but also features his adventures throughout NYC. Think GQ parties, rooftop bars, city snapshots and brunch with friends, all while impeccably dressed of course.



2. Reza Cristián (@rezacristian)

This SJU student is multitalented. Not only is Reza Cristián a fashion and lifestyle blogger, but she’s also a designer and journalist. All of this is evident on her Instagram, which features stunning shots of her travels, as well as the latest in fashion trends.




3. Anthony Ferrara (@f3rrara)

When you’re in need of a laugh, Anthony Ferrara’s Instagram is the place to go. With a big personality, this actor knows what it means to be a comedian. His videos poke fun at the daily struggles of being a college student and always showcase the latest memes, which means not only can we all relate, but we’re also guaranteed to laugh no matter what.



4. Eugene Chung (@theeugenechung)

If you’re looking for some inspiring photos, then this is the Instagram for you. Eugene Chung is a talented photographer who knows how to capture beautiful moments. His Instagram showcases stunning shots of fellow students, as well as incredible images of New York City.



5. Andrea Barberia (@dreaaa333)

With an international flair, Andrea Barberia uses her Instagram to feature her travels throughout the world. One minute she’s brunching with her sorority sisters in NYC, and the next she’s exploring the streets of Italy; and with each travel shot she’s perfectly styled from head to toe. Added bonus: Andrea is also an accomplished fashion blogger, so if you love her style then be sure to check out even more of her looks on @glamourcocktail.



6. Sebastian Cintron (@sebascintron)

This fashion blogger lives the life, and has the Instagram to prove it. Sebastian Cintron, a Miami native, knows all about creating the perfect look whether he’s at the beach or in the Big Apple. His Instagram showcases these looks in every city he explores, as well as the events he goes to and the people he meets. Just take a quick count of how many times he’s been around a Kardashian. Talk about #squadgoals.



7. Eric Ibarra (@notericibarra)

Here’s one for the music fans. Eric Ibarra, a talented videographer and photographer, uses his Instagram as a portfolio for his amazing work. His up close and personal shots of such acts as Vic Mensa, Diplo and Alabama Shakes, will make you feel like you went to the concert yourself.



8. Jessi Fernandez (@champagnejesssi)

This fashionista knows how to go from beach to city, from one post to the next. Jessi Fernandez’s Instagram is the place to get inspired and see the latest trends in style. Whether she’s sporting a bikini under some palm trees or bundled up in NYC, just one look at her Instagram will leave you with some serious closet envy.




9. Christopher Gabayan (@chrisgbyanphoto)

Christopher Gabayan redefines what it means to get the perfect shot, as his Instagram showcases his talent across a variety of subjects. His work ranges from fashion and sports to portraits and landscapes, but no matter what each image is sure to take your breath away.



10. Nikki Arias (@nikki.ariasx)

Last but not least, we have Society19’s very own. Not only is Nikki Arias a talented writer, but she’s also got a keen eye for fashion and photography. Her Instagram is full of her amazing travels and her impeccable style. Throw in some delicious food pics and snapshots of her daily adventures, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a visually stunning Instagram.


11.  Melanie Butron (@melaniebutr0n)

As a writer for College Fashionista, Melanie knows her stuff. She always looks very well put together and fashionable, and even with her busy schedule, she stops at nothing to look every bit as chic as her Instagram portrays her.



See Also

12. Kamille Austria (@kamilleaustria)

Another College Fashionista writer, Kamille always looks “on point.” Whether she’s taking a casual stroll through the city, or wearing her white coat in the lab (she’s a Pharmacy major) you can count on her to look as stylish as ever… it’s no wonder she’s sponsored by brands like Physicians Formula!



13. Timi  (@badmon_t)

With cool shots of even cooler outfits, Timi’s Instagram is one to pay attention to. His style gives off classic vibes with a sort of retro twist. These old-time influences mixed with his laid-back and confident demeanor makes his feed hard to miss.



14. Francess Metzger (@franc.ess)

Francess is an aspiring designer who recently launched a lookbook for her brand The Woodshop! She has a unique sense of style and a love for art that definitely set her Instagram (and her) apart.



15. Jackson Ray (@jackson_fmf)

Jackson Ray is the founder of Fashion Moves Forward, an online style magazine that features cool designers and amazing outfits. His style feels very Kanye West with a hint of edginess. He’s always camera ready and his Instagram is filled with very trendy “street style” images.



16. Brenda Heredia (@brenda.herediaa)

Brenda Heredia is the third and final College Fashionista Style Guru on the list. She describes fashion as a “walking form of art.” She is currently getting back in touch with her love for fashion with the hopes of leaving a mark in the fashion industry.


17. Benjamin Achilles (@benjamin_achilles_)

As a writer and stylist, Benjamin knows what it takes to “look the part” in the fashion industry and his Instagram shows that. Between the link to his portfolio, his pictures of runway shows (with a few Pokémon guest appearances), and professional photography, Benjamin’s Instagram is proof that he means business.



Follow each of these SJU Instagrammers, and your feed is guaranteed to get a whole lot better. And of course you can always follow @society19_sju to keep up to date with even more talent SJU has to offer!

Which of these SJU Instagrammers is your favorite? Have one you’d like to add? Comment below and be sure to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!
Featured image sources: vogue.tumblr.com, toplace-indog.tumblr.com
Moira Shannon


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