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10 Signs You’ve Found Your College Best Friend

1. If you don’t want to brave an activity by yourself, she’s there!

This is especially important during the first couple weeks of classes. I realize this is a very short time to get to know somebody, but if you can find somebody who is willing to do all of the activities you simply don’t want to participate in alone with you, let’s face it; you’ve found your college best friend.

2. She is your “go-to listener” when you need to vent.

Yeah, so you tanked that microbiology test. Be mad about it for a minute, and then go talk to your college best friend. She will definitely know what to say, and how to make you feel better, guaranteed.

3. You keep tabs on each other.

You might even know each other’s schedules better than the other. And when other people ask, “Where’s Noel?” you can answer without hesitation. It’s also somewhat of a safety precaution. Your bestie cares about you, and if something were to happen to you, they would be devastated and try to help in any possible way.

4. You can actually study together.

OK, come on, when you make a plan to study with a bunch of people, how much studying is actually accomplished? Barely any? That’s what I thought. But when you and your bestie are together and you really do have to get something done, you can sit there and focus on work as needed. Plus, this allows for small breaks full of laughter and smiles, which is healthier for your mind in the long run.

5. You know what each other want from the school café, without question.

“Just get me what I normally get, I’ll sit here with our stuff,” she says. So you walk up to the counter and ask for a southwest salad with ranch and a venti iced white chocolate mocha.

6. She will flat out tell you how you look, honestly.

Even if you don’t want to hear it. I mean, what’s a college best friend for anyway?

7. She jams with you in the car!

5SOS, Panic! At The Disco, One Direction, Breaking Benjamin, Fetty Wap, Disney Tunes…the variety is endless. And it doesn’t matter what is on, she isn’t afraid to embarrass herself with you while screaming song lyrics out of the car window.

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8. You make goals together!

It doesn’t matter if you are studying the same major or not, you make plans, maybe even with her as a roommate for when you move off campus. Personally, I see myself in Savannah, GA and while my college best friend wants to stay somewhere in Florida…not too far away, but we both want to be nurses!

9. She is comforting and knows just what to say to make you feel better.

Don’t feel like you did so hot on that Microbio exam? Go to your bestie. She knows how to empathize and help you to understand everything will be alright.

10. She always knows how to make you smile.

Almost like a parent to their child, but without rules. So you had a bad day. What does she do? She offers to go get ice cream, or go workout, maybe even to paint; anything to get you away from thinking about what is on your mind.
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Kayley M. Sutton

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