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10 Signs You’re So Ready For This Semester To Be Over

10 Signs You’re So Ready For This Semester To Be Over

Congratulations on making it to the end of the semester without pulling out all the grey hairs you seem to have accumulated over the last few months. College semesters go a little something like this: The first weeks are like the honeymoon stage. Everything is all fine and dandy, besides the three tests you have to cram for in a week. The middle of the semester is like the adjustment period. Everything seems fine until BOOM, it hits you; that midterm that you got a low grade on. It kills your somewhat high spirits. Now here we are, the end of the semester. The end of the semester is like a slow approaching death. You cram, pull all-nighters and it all comes down to that one final exam, that one exam that can make or break you.

As it gets closer to the end of the semester you feel the jitters but can also start to smell those home-cooked meals and feel the freedom of not being cooped up in your room all day like a dog. Here are 10 signs you are SO ready for this semester to be over!

1. You’re Sick of Doing Work

Are you tired of looking at the same books every single day? Me too, my eyes cringe every time I have to look at a book. All those words but, there’s nothing coming out of them. Every time I study I’m like a zombie. It’s like they’re mocking me with their power to manipulate and twist everything I knew about what was taught. You feel like at this point, you don’t want to do work anymore. Your mind just needs a rest and time to reboot!

I'm sick of reading!

2. You’re Zoning Out in Class

You’re pretty much tired of seeing your professors. You find yourself zoning out in lectures and getting asked questions that don’t even pertain to what you were taught. It’s like an episode of Charlie Brown. All you hear are mumbles and meeps.

zoning out in class

3. You Want to Finally Sleep, Not Nap

Have you had any sleep lately? Is that 8:00 AM class killing you? Me too. Trust me, they’re a pain in the butt but, hey, you’ve got to get this education. Waking up at 6:00 AM to get to class early; where does the time go? It seems like every time you lay your head down to go to sleep you get nothing but a nap. A nap cannot get you through an 8 hour school day. I want to be able to fully sleep, not just take a mediocre nap.

I just want to sleep!


4. You’re Tired of Dorm Beds

Dorm room beds just don’t feel the same as the ones at home. They’re lumpy and make you toss and turn all night. It’s like sleeping on a pile of rocks with a cover on top. There’s nothing like you’re bed at home. I mean how much do you love when your mom washes the sheets for you with that fresh linen scent detergent? No matter how many times you wash your sheets at school, the fresh smell doesn’t take away the uncomfortable feeling of dorm beds.

My opinion is, I hate it

5. You Want “Real” Food

Cafeteria food just doesn’t do. The pizza, hamburgers, fries and week old sandwiches get kind of sickening after a while. There is always the Chick-fil-A down the street or those 15 McDonalds on every other block, but fast food and snacking just doesn’t do any justice. They go in and out of the system just like clockwork.

you want "real" food

6. You Miss Your Hometown Friends

Are you missing the parties, late night binge drinking till 1 AM, and the adventures you and your friends had? We all do. If you don’t spend time with some of your friends, you’re going to go crazy. Roommates are cool, but nothing like the hometown shenanigans you had with the crew.

i miss you friend

7. Your Days are Getting Repetitive

School has taken over our lives! It’s like we don’t even know what the outside world looks like. When you’re on campus, all you see are backpacks and people rushing to class every 5 minutes. Once you get back to your dorm room, you’re so tired you don’t want to do anything but lay down, but you know you can’t. You do homework, study, eat, shower then sleep, dreading repeating the same steps the next day!

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all you do is work!

8. You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes juggling work, school, work study, sports or even organizations can be overwhelming. It’s getting to be too much and it doesn’t seem to stop. You work just about every other day and go to school every day of the week. You’re silently wishing you didn’t have so much on your plate because it’s getting hard to handle. There seems to be no breaks in your busy day and all you want in 15 minutes of free time!

Your feeling overwhelmed

9. You’re Running Out of Money!

Has that refund check hit? No? Mine either. It seems like it takes years to get the money that the school owes you. Bank accounts are low and in need of some funding. Snacks are the only option unless mom and dad help you with some cash here and there. Even the $20 mom sends you each week doesn’t help since you just end up snacking from the vending machine.

running out of money

10. You Just Don’t Care Anymore!

You don’t want to wake up and you’re barely rolling out of bed for class. Sweatpants and a t-shirt is your choice of attire! Walking around campus in something you slept in but still looks somewhat fresh. And let’s not talk about your hair! Didn’t you know bed hair is the new thing?

You don't care anymore



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