10 Signs You’re A Psychology Major at ESU

Like all psychology majors here at ESU, I love my major and what we learn. After taking numerous psychology courses with other majors, I’ve noticed that there are always similar traits among the students. Check out my list for 10 signs you’re a psychology major and see if you can relate!

1. When you are in class, you try to think of someone you know with the disorder that your professor is talking about.

As a psych major, you will learn about plenty of disorders. As the professor is explaining these disorder, you will find yourself sitting there wondering if you show those symptoms or who you know that does.

2. When people find out your major, they tell you not to analyze them.

Every time someone asks me what my major is and I say psychology, the first response I get is “do not analyze me”. Yet, little do they know I really am, and I’ve already diagnosed them with like 10 different disorders.


3. You find yourself secretly analyzing people.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a major eavesdropper. My mom and my girlfriend get on me about it all the time. Whenever I’m out and I hear people around me talking, I sit there listening in and analyzing their conversations. Also, I’ve noticed that when I meet people for the first time, especially any of my girlfriend’s friends, I stay quiet the whole time just so I can figure them out.

4. Friends think you are their personal therapist.

Everyone thinks that just because they know someone who is a psych major that they are their therapist when they have a problem. I am willing to help you if I can, but please remember I do not know everything (yet)!

5. APA becomes a lifestyle.

As a psych major, pretty much anything you write has to be in APA. When something has to be done in MLA, especially for English classes, your instincts do APA and you’ll spend a crap ton of time fixing your mistake.

6. The library’s article database is your best friend.

Becoming a psych major means you will be reading plenty of articles and even finding them yourself. The library’s database will make it very simple to find an article on the topic you’re interested in and pull it up on your computer.

7. You enjoy partaking in everyone else’s experiments/surveys.

As a psych major, you will create plenty of experiments and surveys to gather results. So why not help others gather their results?

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8. You’re always asked, “What are you going to do with your major?”

The first question everyone asks when you tell them you’re a psych major is “what are going to do with your major?” Psychology has so many different directions that you can choose from, so it is pretty hard to narrow down what you want to do right now.

9. When it comes to scheduling classes, you struggle because you want to take every class.

When you are trying to figure out what psych class to take for next semester, you will struggle. They all sound so interesting, so you’ll wish that you could take every single class that ESU has to offer.

10. If you received a dollar every time someone said, “you need more than your Bachelor’s,” you would be rich!

Everyone will tell you that you need more than your Bachelor’s and will need to attend graduate school to do anything with a psychology major. I would be a millionaire by now if I collected money every time my parents or my adviser told me this.

What is your favorite thing about being a psychology major? Comment below with your thoughts and share this article with friends!
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Justin Killian

Justin is a psychology major. He is studying at East Stroudburg University. He loves playing video games and is addicted to Sour Patch Kids.

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