10 Signs You’re From Ohio

“First of all, my parents live in Ohio. I live in the moment,” said Ted Mosby. Ohio is a lot more than the home state of a How I Met Your Mother character, though. Identify with these 10 signs? You might be from the great state of Ohio, then!

1. “OH” only has one response “IO.”


2. Satan lives in Michigan.



3. You know what corn hole is and can usually win.


4. You know someone who pronounces wash like” worsh”.

5. Creek and crick pronunciation depends which side of the river you’re from.

6. You know we can have all 4 seasons in one day!


7. We have a 5th season called construction.


8. Chili is served in spaghetti.




9. You know what a buckeye really is!


10. Lastly, O-h-i-o is spelled with your arms during any time of the year!

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