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10 Signs You’re Not a Freshman Anymore

10 Signs You’re Not a Freshman Anymore

Ahh freshman year… remember what it was like? Meeting new people, going to new and exciting places, having a fresh academic slate. Being a freshman was scary and fun all at once. College is a whole new world for our lovely freshmen, but what is it like for our “old news” sophomores, juniors and seniors? Read below for fun 10 Signs You’re Not a Freshman Anymore!


1. You know where to get affordable textbooks.

Let’s take you a little far back to when textbooks were completely free. Oh high school, how you treated me so well. For incoming freshmen paying for textbooks might seem a little strange and you might also not know where to exactly get them. Luckily, there is this amazing bookstore on campus! Excuse my sarcasm. Suddenly your well-earned money you worked so hard for over the summer goes all to those expensive textbooks. Now you have finally entered the broke stages of college. Fun isn’t it. Luckily for us we know the places to get affordable textbooks. Amazon, e-books, photocopying library books and even using your friends, are all things we have mastered. Because who wants to pay for a $100 book they will only use for five months?


2. You’ve mastered procrastination.

Time is such a fragile thing in college and your schedule might seem overbearing most of the times. Five papers, three tests, internships and work??? How does one do it? Well, it’s simple. Procrastination my friend: something we master over the years of piles of work. Whether it’s for that ten page paper, that midterm exam, and homework; you will do it last minute, the only difference now is you will do an amazing job even though it’s literally due in thirty minutes.

3. You party less and work more.

Freshman year is filled with meeting new people and going out. Finally a place where you have the freedom to party all night. But by junior year you might want to say goodbye to partying every day. Responsibilities start pouring in. You start looking for jobs, internships and more. The hardcore partying now turns into a glass of wine alongside the piles of work you have to turn in by tomorrow. Not saying us oldies can’t have fun, but let’s be honest it’s not on our day to day schedule.

4. You’re sick of taking core classes.

It seems like these mandatory core classes are outdated by your second year of college. Didn’t I just take this history class sophomore year of high school? In your junior year of college the only classes that matter to you personally are the ones for your MAJOR. Take a step back history and theology professors, we’re sick of you!


5. You take sleeping seriously.

College can be exhausting, but you may not realize this until you’re a sophomore. I take my daily naps very seriously. Since you may have to wake up at 5 AM, you may find yourself going to bed at 10 PM. Napping is essential when it comes to functioning the next day for class. I know taking naps may seem a little silly being a freshman but you will later find out you will NEED one.

6. You schedule your classes like a pro.

Goodbye freshman advisor making your schedule, hello amazing schedule! My favorite thing about not being a freshman? You’ve guessed it. Making those amazing schedules myself. By now you know if you’re an early bird and want the rest of your day off or if you want to sleep in. No one is telling you what classes to take and it’s simply amazing. Not to mention you know all the professors to take now.

7. Getting around campus isn’t a journey anymore.

If I remember anything clearly freshman year it’s getting lost on campus. So many buildings and hills. It was definitely a journey for me to get to class. I felt silly always asking people where my classes were but now as an experienced college student I know every building, every hill I may stumble on and every secret short cut.

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8. You know all the hot spots outside of campus.

Aside from being lost your freshman year on campus you might also not know some places outside of campus. By your second year you can now tell your friends, “Hey man we should hang out here.” Restaurant joints, hangout places, bars, you name it we’ll go to it on a Friday night.

9. You know all the quiet spots to study.

Studying on campus might be impossible if you don’t know the secret quiet spots. The library might work, but sometimes it gets crowded. Where to go on a crowded campus? Well, being someone who’s explored the school I can confidently tell you my secret spots. Empty class rooms and 4th floors to certain buildings are the way to go at St. John’s. Privacy at its finest.

10. You start to feel the pressure about what to do after college.

Whether it’s your sophomore, junior or senior year, feeling the pressure about what to do after college is a constant worry. Internship and job hunting seems more important than your grades at this point.  After all the hard work you start to wonder where it will lead you and what job you will get.

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