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10 Signs You’re in Love With Scott Disick

10 Signs You’re in Love With Scott Disick

If you’re anything like me, your Sunday nights most likely consist of vegging out on the couch with a tub of ice cream, and watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Maybe because you love the drama, humor, or even envy how one family could look so perfect. However, for me, my soul purpose of watching the show is to see Scott Disick. No week would be complete without ending it with Scott Disick. All hail the Lord. If you can agree with this, even a little bit, you will enjoy these 10 signs you’re in love with Scott Disick. So keep reading!


1. You address him as The Lord Disick. 

Everyone knows Scott as Lord Disick. If his instagram name “@letthelordbewithyou” isn’t enough, then maybe him addressing everyone on the show as commoners, or peasants sells the whole Lord thing. So it’d only make sense to address him as Lord and bow down to him as one.

2. You consider him to be the ultimate DILF.

Mason, Reign, and Penelope are no doubt children goals. But then again, when they have gorgeous parents like Kourtney and Scott, how could they not be? Nothing is more of a guilty pleasure than watching Scott’s dad side come out and see how much he cares about his kids more than anything. But then on top of this, you can’t help but wish he was your best friends dad you get to see everyday and drool over his complete DILF look and attitude.


3. You Know EXACTLY Who Todd Kraines is

“Auntie Kris! It’s me! It’s Todd Kraines!” If you’re in love with Scott Disick, I’m sure you read this in his exact voice he uses to mimic Todd Kraines. There is no doubt you could watch this episode without crying of laughter. Especially considering Kris continuously managed to fall for it each and every time.

4. You consider Scott and Rob to be ultimate friend goals.

I’m sure just like us, Scott misses the good ol’ days when Rob was happy and around more. Back in the day, you could always see Scott and Rob together. Whether it was them drinking together, or just them lounging having their needed guy time. Considering they both are constantly surrounded by girls, they were the perfect dynamic duo for each other in order to escape the chaos.

5. You wish you could go on exotic vacations with him.

Watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians almost anyone would envy the amazing, beautiful vacations they go on. As if that’s not enough, seeing Scott lay out, soak up the sun shirtless, you can’t help but wish you were right there next to him. Who wouldn’t want to be in another country with Scott Disick while he’s in his most relaxed state?


6. You admire the way he tells it like it is.

There’s no doubt Scott Disick loves himself. But how can one blame him for loving himself when he looks like that? Due to this, Scott is brutally honest and has no shame when it comes to telling it like it is. As a lover of Scott Disick, one can’t help but admire this and love him even more because of it.

7. You’re still routing for him and Kourtney.

Regardless of the ups and downs, you can’t help but love them together. To this day you will find yourself constantly rooting for them to get back together. You consider them ultimate relationship goals and know there is still hope for them to reunite. As a result of this, you can’t help but fall for the way Scott loves Kourtney and admire the love they have for each other.

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8. You relate to everything he says.

Whether it’s him calling himself fabulous, or just how he goes about life, you can’t help but relate to him. As a college student it’s easy to relate to how he loves to party, or how he loves to do as little work as possible, and this just makes everyone love him that much more. Scott Disick is basically still a teenager and he knows how to have fun.

9. You wish your Dad would dress as well as him.

Scott Disick’s style is a solid 10/10. But then again, when you have all that money, it’s kind of hard to have nothing but perfect designer clothing. As a dad, Scott Disick no doubt has the best style. Even in his casualist of outfits, he still manages to look like he’s about to walk the runway.

10. Through it all, you still believe in him.

If you watch the show, read the newspapers, check Twitter, or anything of those sorts you know Scott definitely has a problem when it comes to partying and drinking too much. Instead of ridiculing him, and silently encouraging Kourtney to leave him, you believe in him. You believe he will get his life together for his kids and family, because you see hope in him.

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