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10 Signs You’re A Journalism Major At UF

10 Signs You’re A Journalism Major At UF

In high school, we were encouraged to explore all of our options. From competing in sports to participating in writing club, you could do no wrong. But, then college happens. At a university with a large concentration of STEM students, being a student in the School of Journalism and Communications is often viewed as on par with majoring in underwater basket weaving. Here are 10 signs you’re a journalism major at UF!

1. You’ve had to explain to everyone from your mother to the girl in line behind you at Starbucks that no, journalism is not a dying field, it is merely changing.

2. Your professors are more tech savvy than you are.

They know it, you know it, and yes, it’s quite embarrassing.

3. You’ve faced unreasonable amounts of resentment coming from your non-journalism major friends who have to suffer through organic chemistry and calculus.



4. However, whenever those friends have an essay due, you’re their go to proofreader and fact checker.


5. Seeing the poor grammar used in Facebook updates from people you went to high school with gives you a headache.

6. You have an entire folder on your phone devoted to news apps.

From CNN to anything involving Hollywood, you’re basically everyone’s go to when it comes to what is happening in the world.

7. You actively loathe math and science.

This is why you’re a Journalism major and not pre-med or engineering student like almost all of your other friends.

8. AP Style is the reason you can’t have nice things.

If you don’t know this book from cover to cover, your life will be a lot more difficult.

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9. You feel irrationally happy when someone tells you they liked your article.

Even if it’s just your mom, anyone’s approval is the equivalent of winning an award.


10. No matter how stressful it can be, you’re doing what you love and that’s what counts.
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