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10 Signs You’re A Hokie at Virginia Tech

Attention all alumni, current or future students, you know our love for virginia tech and hokie pride will never die… keep reading for 10 signs you’re a hokie at Virginia Tech!

1. Your game day attire is always on point.

Even though orange and maroon is a rather unusual color combination, you rock it.

2. You think that 1 mile isn’t a far walk, and stairs are no big deal.

Between the outrageous number of stairs and distance between classes, it’s no wonder that VT is the fittest campus.

3. You carry an umbrella with you, even if it’s sunny.

With Blacksburg’s unpredictable weather, it’s possible to experience all four seasons in the span of a day. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. You love helping others.

Virginia Tech’s motto is Ut Prosim (That I May Serve) and it certainly shows around campus. There are many events such as Big Event and Relay for Life which bring the community together to try to help those in need.

5. You can somewhat function with little to no sleep.

Between hectic class schedules, difficult exams to study for, as well as a social life and any jobs and extracurricular activities, there is really no time for sleep.

6. You are most likely a food snob.

You’re telling me that not every college serves lobster on their meal plan?

7. NOVA isn’t Villanova, it’s NOrthern VirginiA

I know at least 100 people from NOVA and somehow, they all seem to know each other.

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8. Whenever you hear LET’S GO, you scream Hokies.

It just becomes a reflex.

9. Your camera roll is filled with pictures you’ve taken around campus.

The campus is so beautiful that it’s impossible not to display that Burruss sunset picture as your snapchat story.

10. You have dabbled occasionally at Poor Billy’s and frequent Blacksburg’s downtown whenever you can.

Because who doesn’t love a raw bar?


What are some other signs that you’re a hokie? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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