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10 Signs You’re a Health Science Major

10 Signs You’re a Health Science Major

1. You can’t decide what you want to do professionally with your Health Science major.

You go through many phases of deciding to be a Physical Therapist, a Dietitian, an Environmentalist, and any other profession your freshman year professors tell you about.

2. You’re basically a doctor…

When someone is complaining about any pain in a part of their body you become an instant Anatomist, Physiologist, and Physical Therapist.


3. But not a “real” doctor.

The minute you declare your health science major, every relative in your family asks why you aren’t becoming a heart or brain surgeon…or some other “real” doctor.


4. You know some pretty random, yet incredible facts.

You walk into each class not expecting to learn a lot of new material, but come out knowing absurd, fascinating facts such as “how many calories are in each of the macro molecules.” Then you make sure that everyone you know learns it too.

5. You’re counting down the days to grad school.

You think your undergraduate studies are a waste of time and just cannot wait for grad school to start.


6. Until senior year arrives….

As soon as your senior year hits you realize you want to slap your freshman-year-self and wish for your undergraduate years to come back to you because grad school is going to be rough.


7. You’ve come to terms that you can’t deal with blood.

You want to help people in the health industry, but you cannot handle blood, so a health science major was your best option.

8. You have an entire building on your campus dedicated to your major.

And it is beautiful! (Thank you Oakland University!)

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9. Your automatic response to anyone who asks what you are going to school for is:

“Well, I’m a Health Science major, but my concentration is [insert concentration here]”…


10. You spend all your time learning chemistry, biology, anatomy and nutrition.

Yet, after four years, you still have no idea what Health Science actually is.


Share any other signs that prove you are a health science major in the comments below!


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