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10 Signs You’re An English Major at Connecticut College

10 Signs You’re An English Major at Connecticut College

Any Connecticut College English major can relate to these signs. I hope you enjoy these 10 Signs You’re An English Major at Connecitcut College as much as we do!

1. You have climbed the stairs to the third floor of Blaustein, and had to pause to catch your breath before meeting with your professor.

2. You have been known to have English classes in a science building, like Hale or NewLo Hall.


3. You laugh when your friends struggle to read a 20 page essay for their homework.

4. Although you don’t have much work due throughout the semester, when midterms and finals come around, you have been known to spend 6+ hours at a time on the third floor of Shain, typing away furiously on your laptop.

5. When you don’t do the reading, you’re not sure what’s worse: not being prepared and still going to class, or skipping class altogether and knowing that the professor will most definitely notice you’re not there.

6. As a freshman, you made friends with the other English majors in English 150 and 250, and have had at least 2 or 3 other classes with them since, without coordinating it.

7. The worst class you ever took was either your science or math requirement.

8. You dread writing your final essay for your senior seminar, because it’s worth almost your entire grade in the course.

9. During finals you are eternally grateful that Shain is open 24 hours. Now you can get your writing done when you actually feel like writing, even if that happens to be at 3:30 AM.

10. As much as people might question what you’re going to do after you graduate, you’re thankful to have been part of such an amazing department at a fantastic liberal arts school, and you know the English major has taught you many important skills.

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