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10 Signs You’re Having College Withdrawals

10 Signs You’re Having College Withdrawals

Are you a college student who feels like they’re having some serious separation anxiety from your campus? Keep reading for 10 signs you’re having college withdrawals.

1. All you talk about is your college adventures when you’re with your friends back at home.

You: “This seriously reminds me of last year on campus when I…”

Friends: “Yes, we know. You’ve told us this story a hundred times already.”


You: “Well, what about that time when my roommate and I…”

Friends: “Yep, that one too.”
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2. You look at every Facebook/Instagram post you’ve made about college thus far.

Everyone likes to reminiscence, don’t they? It’s nice to look back on all the memories you’ve made at your campus so far. From every party, formal, or just taking secret pictures of your friends while they have the funniest look on their face, it’s all worth it.


3. You miss your college friends so much, it brings you to the point of tears.

All it takes is remembering all of the late night conversations with your roommate, the several heart-to-hearts with your group of friends in the dining hall, and the midnight runs to Walmart and Target with them to suddenly break your heart into a million pieces.

4. Your family members try to talk to you about your future, and you’d honestly rather be banging your head against the wall.

No, sorry, I don’t have everything planned out at this time; so please come back and ask me again… never,

5. You become depressed because your pets don’t recognize you anymore.

Nothing hurts the heart more than coming home for the summer from college and expecting your pets to go crazy when they see you, but instead they take one look at you and head for the opposite direction.


6. You’ve eaten everything at your house and it’s only been a week of summer vacation.

Ah, the one true sign that you’ve reached a whole new level of boredom.

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7. Speaking of food, you’ve convinced yourself that the dining hall food at college isn’t all that bad.

Daily thoughts: Maybe I just haven’t given dining hall food a real chance… I’m sure it’s better than I remember, right?


8. You find yourself wearing your college t-shirts every day.

“Yes, I do have different clothes. No, I do not prefer to wear them, though.”
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9. You’re forced to find new ways to entertain yourself.

You think, maybe I should start jogging. You then laugh hysterically at the thought of jogging.

10. You count down every single day on your calendar until you finally get to return to campus.

You actually start to long for the constant studying, sleep-deprived status, and waking up for 8 a.m. classes that you knew all too well last semester.


What are some other signs you’re having college withdrawals? Comment below!

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