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10 Signs You’re a Business Major

10 Signs You’re a Business Major

From marketing to accounting, or finance to supply chain, there are all types of majors within the business school. As different as these degrees can be, every business student knows the unique way in which we all operate. If you can relate to the following statements, chances are you’re probably a business major, too!

1. Your resume has been perfected since freshman year.

2. Group projects are your worst enemy.

3. Investopedia is your Bible.


4. You know the pain of finding the perfect LinkedIn picture.

5. Business apparel is the norm.


6. For you, every event is a networking event.

7. Non-business majors think your major is easy.

8. You read the Wall Street Journal for fun.

9. Your professors aren’t professors, they’re full time businessmen.


10. Taking classes outside your major makes you realize where you belong.

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