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10 Signs You’re An Alpha Kappa Psi at UA

10 Signs You’re An Alpha Kappa Psi at UA

Joining a Greek organization is a fantastic way to meet people, get involved on campus, and stay busy. At University of Alabama, the Greek community is one of the largest in the entire United States. There are many chapters on campus, but I’m here to give you the rundown on Alpha Kappa Psi. Keep reading for 10 signs you’re an Alpha Kappa Psi at UA!


1. Navy blue and gold are some of your favorite colors.

These (obviously) are the fraternity colors. Once you start collecting all the t-shirts and other AKPsi merch, you will come to find that these colors take up most of your closet. You have learned to like them!


2. You have more “business professional” clothes in your closet than any other type of clothing.

“Alpha Kappa Psi: Professional Business Fraternity” …that should say it all.


3. Your resume is pristine.

After weeks of pledging, which included some professional business workshops, you come out with a pristine resume – feeling ready to conquer just about anything.


4. You actually know the difference between “business professional” and “business casual” attire.

Trust me…there is a difference.

5. You spent at least one week in the library studying the fraternity’s facts.

The days leading up to the pledge tests are some of the best/worst days of your life. You get tired of all the studying, but with an awesome and dedicated pledge class, it’s not such a terrible task.

6. And you created acronyms to remember the hard stuff.

Believe me: this happens. It helps more than you think.


7. You have the AKPsi creed ingrained into your brain .

Sure, you probably won’t ever need to use it, but it’s nice to know you know something.

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8. You enjoy dressing in business clothes every now and then.

This may not be entirely true to some people, but from personal experience (and talking to other brothers), business clothes really begin to grow on you.



9. You have to explain what a “Professional Business fraternity” is when people ask if you are in a sorority/fraternity.

Only somebody in a professional business fraternity can understand this one.

10. Joining was the best decision you ever made. You made connections that will last a lifetime!

Without a doubt, meeting everyone in the chapter is overwhelming, but you find some of the best friends you could ever imagine.

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