10 Signs You’re Addicted To Trader Joe’s

We all have our addictions. For some people, a day is only started right with a Starbucks cup in hand. For others, it’s a certain bubble tea place they like to frequent, or a favorite gyro place they go to at least once a week. And then, there are the Trader Joe’s people. These people, bless their naturally-flavored souls, are the people who are addicted to one of the best grocery stores in the world:Trader Joe’s. Are you one of them? Keep reading for 10 sure signs you’re addicted to Trader Joe’s and find out!

1. You’ve gotten used to the Trader Joe’s brand of almost anything.

Who needs Oreos when you can have Joe Joes, or Cheerios when you can have Joes-O’s?


2. You have at least one favorite snack that no one who doesn’t go to Trader Joe’s has ever heard of.

Gummy penguins? Cookie Butter Swirl? Everyone has their favorites.


3. You knew about Cookie Butter before Tumblr did.

And you have a strong opinion on it either way.


4. You greet the samples counter person like an old friend.

You and that samples person have had many a fine moment eating taco bits and gingersnaps.


5. You have approximately 50 reusable Trader Joe’s bags.

To be honest, you could probably stop reusing them at this point and be good until October. But you won’t because they’re adorable.

6. The cashiers ringing their bells has ceased to startle you.

And you’ve even started to remember which bell means what.


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7. Each change in season means not only different clothes, but different themed Trader Joe’s stickers.

Everyone has their favorites, mine are definitely the Thanksgiving ones or scratch and sniff.


8. You seek out Trader Joe’s when you are traveling – even though your bag is still stocked with those Trader Joe’s snacks that you took with you on the plane.

And you have a location-themed bag from at least one vacation to prove it. It’s the best kind of souvenir!



9. Three words: Chocolate. Covered. Everything.

Potato chips? Pretzels? Graham crackers? If it can be covered in chocolate and packaged in a bag, chances are it’s sitting in Trader Joe’s shelves, waiting for you.

10. It simply doesn’t feel right to shop at a store where people aren’t wearing floral shirts and listening to 50’s and 60’s rock.

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Featured image source: kindworld.tumblr.com, fuelsweatgrow.com